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As more users adopt smart home products, brands will have an increasing number of opportunities to reach and interact with their customers if they keep privacy needs in mind.

Smart home device adoption could finally get boosted by a new standard. Could Matter push adoption beyond the steady growth we’re seeing?

Conversion rate is by far the top metric among marketers worldwide, with 37.7% tracking this key performance indicator for data-driven marketing.

We look at 2021’s biggest tech flexes that changed the landscape of business or left us scratching our heads. The year saw Facebook meta-morph into a VR-focused platform, Clubhouse rise and fall, Amazon convert 60 million smart speakers into a giant Wi-Fi network, and more.

Mobile tools and short-form video content are popular with Hispanics: Knowing how this important demographic group accesses and uses content can help marketers devise outreach strategies.

Consumers didn’t get the federal privacy law they wanted in 2021: A year ago, we predicted Congress would pass a federal privacy law, but gridlock in Washington and other priorities got in the way.

Corporate activism is increasing as consumers grow to expect it: More brands are taking meaningful action, like pulling their ad spend, over misaligned values.

Small influencers poised to gain more brand followers: As social commerce capabilities expand and new tools power the creator economy, the demand for micro-influencers will take off.

Headroom looks to disrupt Zoom fatigue with AI: The new videoconferencing tool integrates productivity and transcription functionality. Can it measure up against leading conference players?

Insider Intelligence spoke with Carolyn Feinstein, Varo Bank’schief marketing, growth, and design officer, to better understand how CMOs are redefining their roles as digital becomes the default banking channel for customers

Reddit to go public as monetization efforts pay off: Per our forecast, the site’s ad revenues nearly doubled this year after months of working to improve brand safety and secure partnerships.

On today's episode, we discuss how the omicron variant might change consumer behavior, the significance of Tide refusing to air a Super Bowl 2022 commercial, the real threat of churn, what people click on, how Americans share information with brands, how to solve working from home annoyances, what it's like in the coldest place on Earth, and more. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst Suzy Davidkhanian, director of forecasting Oscar Orozco, and senior forecasting analyst at Insider Intelligence Peter Vahle.

DJI dinged with investment ban that could lead to loss of US business: Its products aren’t banned yet, but that could change unless it can prove it operates ethically.

New Ring cameras could track people using facial and retinal recognition, skin texture, gait, voice, and even odor: Together with Amazon’s Project Sidewalk, it could add up to an ultra-surveillance network.

Hulu’s 2021 ad revenue outpaces competitors, but troubles loom: The streamer’s reliance on partners like NBCUniversal to provide content could hamstring further growth.

iSpot’s new deal with LG lets it tap into 39 million CTVs: The analytics firm pounces on Nielsen’s shaky ground by bringing together the fractured measurement space.

AirAsia, one of the world’s largest budget airlines, is on a mission to build a regional super app. While it follows in the footsteps of titans like WeChat in China and Gojek in Southeast Asia, if AirAsia succeeds, it will blaze a path for travel and other industries not endemic to the mobile space.

Smartphone duopoly could get regulatory pushback in UK: The latest effort to keep Apple and Google in check could invite competition and promote consumer choice, but there’s no viable third player.

On this episode of Brand Anatomy, where we get exclusive looks inside leading brands, eMarketer Briefing director Jeremy Goldman sits down with Abby Whitmer, vice president of ecommerce at BeautyBio, to discuss how the beauty brand is adjusting to iOS privacy changes, tackling supply chain issues as a medium-sized business, and lessons from this year’s holiday season.