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US B2B display ad spending on LinkedIn will total $3.01 billion in 2022 and grow to $4.56 billion by 2024. By then, LinkedIn will capture nearly 25% of all B2B digital ad dollars spent in the US.

Watch this video, featuring Meta’s John Cantarella, vice president, community and scaled partnerships, as he explains how fostering a community can give brands of any size a competitive edge because of how the relationships built over time can be leveraged for engagement and growth. In his role at Meta, Cantarella leads a team that helps leaders, creators, and brands—including Airbnb and Tonal—with their community strategy across Instagram and Facebook.

EU moves to make IoT devices safer: Smart home device manufacturers are being compelled to develop more secure devices and be more transparent about flaws and fixes. Industry-wide standards are needed.

YouTube tests user patience: Some viewers are being treated to as many as 10 consecutive ads that can’t be skipped.

Adobe announced last week that it’s buying design platform Figma for $20 billion (or roughly half a Twitter). The news came shortly after Canva announced an expansion of its user-friendly design suite.

A Figma of an acquisition: Adobe’s $20B Figma purchase has the potential to unlock the remote collaboration market and absorb a growing client base. Could regulators nix the deal on market dominance?

Patreon downsizes in strategy shift: Creator-monetization platform idles 17% of staff and closes offices after pandemic overexpansion.

In hopes of beefing up its Marketplace presence, Walmart has added a new suite of ad tools, making it easier for smaller brands to join and sell on the platform.

Voice assistants are progressively becoming embedded in daily life as the technologies behind these products improve. Tech companies are increasingly centralizing their product strategies around voice assistants by incorporating them into more products to build out their respective ecosystems.

On today's episode, we discuss what to note about TikTok's ascent, how much time on social media is spent watching video, and the discrepancy between TV and connected TV ad spend. "In Other News," we talk about how Instagram Reels' engagement stacks up against TikTok's and whether ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) ad spending can overtake traditional TV ad spend by 2025. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Jasmine Enberg and Paul Verna.

Insider Intelligence spoke with Liz Ritzcovan, chief revenue officer of Hustle, which was one of the first to enable brands to reach consumers over text message. Ritzcovan shares how the company is innovating text marketing, including adding short-form video content.

Rejigging Google Cloud for Europe, APAC: Google Cloud is scrambling to cash in on a potential $100B overseas market but may have to completely remodel existing infrastructure to lean into data sovereignty.

Showtime’s time may be over: Parent company Paramount is looking to consolidate its streaming brands under one flagship service.

Apple to introduce new ads to App Store by holidays: No word yet on where spots will go, but developers are urged to buy.

Our exclusive TikTok interview: Global head of marketing science Jorge Ruiz talks about hitting the right ad frequency and navigating privacy concerns.

The surge in consumer time and money spent online because of the pandemic led to a significant boom in the affiliate marketing ecosystem.

Secretive internet startup unveiled: Google-backed Aalyria exits stealth mode, revealing its Tightbeam technology that could supercharge the internet for the metaverse and other demanding applications. Watch for regulatory disputes.

Pixelbook in Google’s graveyard: Once a product that charted the future of Chromebooks, Google’s Pixelbook has been discontinued and the development team dissolved. Chromebook OEMs now need to build their own future.

Consumers are starting to feel better about the economy: The bump in consumer sentiment could help turn around the ad industry’s spending pullback.

Advertisers should worry more about regulation than cookie depreciation: A report from the IAB calls out legislation as the biggest threat to signal loss.