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Twitter’s time as a public company is coming to an end: With the platform set to release quarterly earnings this week, the time was nigh to announce its sale to Elon Musk.

Did you know that marketing was first given a seat at the table over 30 years ago? One would think that after three decades, the CMO role would be at a maturity stage. The position, however, continues to rapidly evolve.

Consumer centricity is at the core of Kellogg Co.’s marketing. Watch Industry Voices: CMOs Look Ahead with Charisse Hughes, chief brand and advanced analytics officer, to learn how a holistic data approach powers the brand’s engagement, acquisition, and innovation strategies, as well as the importance of communicating a value exchange.

TSMC’s founder says US chip efforts are doomed: Former CEO Morris Chang cites lower overseas labor costs and high manufacturing costs but fails to mention savings on importation and transportation.

Consumers are worried about the surge of ads in gaming: Xbox and Sony both have in-game ad programs in the works, and consumers aren’t thrilled.

Watch the on-demand replay of our webinar, The Evolving Role of the CMO, as we discuss the role and responsibilities of today’s CMOs, why CMOs struggle to deliver value, and how they can rethink their fit within different types of organizations.

Smart homes go brain-dead: IoT company Insteon abandons its smart home connectivity post, letting homes’ vital digital functions flatline. It’s the latest sign of a need for more IoT safeguards.

omcast’s faster-than-fiber hollowcore tech could accelerate 10G adoption: Higher speed and low-latency upsides over legacy glass fiber networks could spur adoption in data center, financial services, and edge computing.

A sign of Glossier’s maturation: The beauty brands signs teen idol Olivia Rodrigo to a celebrity endorsement deal—a longtime hallmark of the industry—to court Gen Zers.

Fashion certification programs could be helping retailers greenwash: A report by the Changing Markets Foundation says that the fashion industry’s sustainability initiatives are a “smokescreen” for environmentally destructive habits.

The internet will have 4.55 billion users worldwide this year, up 2.6% over 2021. This amounts to 57.4% of the general population.

Retail media advertising poised to grow in Latin America: The region’s marketers and retailers are awakening to opportunities to help drive consumer purchases with media networks.

HBO Max’s subscriber bump reverses Netflix-induced anxiety: The streamer’s success shows blockbuster content and accessible pricing is key.

Brands and retailers prioritize sustainability for Earth Day, but actions speak louder than words: Amazon, Apple, and Coca-Cola are some of the brands touting their green initiatives this April amid growing consumer concern over the environment.

The metaverse promises to be transformative for the digital marketing landscape—at least, as soon as tech platforms figure out how it will actually work.

Curated by eMarketer, this special collection of interviews will help you understand how CMOs tackle challenges, disrupt an industry, embrace digital transformation, and make the CMO role their own based on their industry and organization’s needs.

On today's episode, we discuss how public service broadcasters can compete with the global streaming behemoths, how ad-free digital video options are disrupting things for marketers, and what the connected TV advertising landscape looks like. Join our analyst Bill Fisher as he hosts analysts Karin von Abrams and Paul Briggs.

Scandal and branding issues are catching up with Harry Potter: The latest film is struggling domestically, and international box offices might not save it.

WhatsApp looks to take group messaging to a new level: Communities feature allows separate groups to unite with encrypted communications.

4/20 has gone mainstream: Increasingly, brands are seeing that tying into the marijuana-themed holiday has more benefits than drawbacks.