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It’s focusing on genAI cloud services in finance, marketing, and sales. The company’s reputation for security could make it the leader in sovereign AI clouds.

The EU demanded Apple make iPads DMA-compliant in six months to avoid heavy fines, opening the market to alternative services. It could impede Apple’s AI pivot.

Netflix tallies its ad-supported subscriber count ahead of Upfronts: A survey shows it could have 22 million US subscribers as it enters an Upfront period rife with competition.

Our industry KPIs reveal which native ad sectors have the largest CPMs: Health and fitness is the costliest sector, while food and drink offers cheaper access.

Regulating AI is a high priority for legislators all over the world, and the US federal government has yet to pass comprehensive legislation tackling the issue.

Unaffordable rates have caused a spike in home sales and plans to leave the state.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss what happens now that the TikTok ban bill has been signed into law, whether AI is ready to significantly change search, the likelihood that Threads ads will be a hit, what social commerce's ceiling will be, the WNBA and the sports gender pay gap, and more. Tune into the discussion with analysts Jasmine Enberg, Minda Smiley, and Max Willens.

Thanks to its growing retail media business, Walmart keeps its top spot on our “Unofficial Most interesting Retailers List” for April 2024. Meanwhile, newcomer Home Depot and returning member TikTok Shop make the list for equipping advertisers with more data.

Microsoft ramps up AI strategy, boosting revenues across the board: Ethical challenges and cybersecurity risks loom as AI reshapes tech landscape.

Google’s and Microsoft’s Q1 reports stoke generative AI frenzy: They both have at least one key advantage over rivals like Meta and startups in the AI race.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss why more people just signed up to Netflix than expected, how much of their revenue will come from ads, and what its "Next Act" will be. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Daniel Konstantinovic.

67% of marketers thought third-party cookie deprecation in Chrome would occur this year, according to August 2023 data from ID5. Google just announced that it was delaying this timeline to 2025.

Google announced late Tuesday that it is delaying the deprecation of third-party cookies once again, extending the deadline that was originally set for 2022. While many marketers were breathing a little easier following the decision, “this is NOT a reprieve,” said our analyst Evelyn Mitchell-Wolf. “The industry just has more time to reach the finish line. Let’s not squander it.” Here are four important takeaways from the delay.

Its investment could strengthen the device ecosystems for AI integration and its focus on talent and supplier proximity could boost the local economy

Reddit tries to boost revenues with an AI ad format: Dynamic Product Ads could help with ad relevance but could also turn off already disgruntled users.

Big Tech Q1 earnings reveal that generative AI investments are a longer-term bet as diversified companies look to cloud and services for more immediate growth.

Payment processing provider Tabapay will acquire Synapse after the fintech failed to retain key partners.