Small Business (SMB)

Security incident breaks Rackspace hosted email: Loss of access to emails exposes the fragility of relying on cloud providers to handle and protect businesses data. Backspace’s failure could cost customers millions.

Small-business and BNPL growth underscores two holiday trends and could direct investment for 2023.

What the IPO backlog and tumbling valuations mean for fintechs: More down rounds and private equity buyouts could be on the way.

Network security on high alert: Security spending is rising as cyber threats and ransomware become more sophisticated. SMBs are most vulnerable yet most likely to cut expenses.

Rising labor costs cause retailers and restaurants to pause hiring: Fifty-seven percent of retailers and 38% of small restaurants have implemented hiring freezes because of inflationary pressures.

USPS commits to 40% EV fleet: Starting in late 2023, nearly half of the USPS’ fleet will be all-electric, which could accelerate EV adoption efforts as logistics companies modernize their own fleets.