Small Business (SMB)

They launched BMO Bill Connect, which helps SMBs automate bill pay, digitize invoicing, and monitor cash flow.

TikTok’s “Sounds for Business” library needs an expansion fast: The new library is designed to court small businesses, but the small catalog could be a problem.

NBCU leans into measurement partnerships to court CTV budgets: Peacock looks to figure prominently in new offerings.

Security incident breaks Rackspace hosted email: Loss of access to emails exposes the fragility of relying on cloud providers to handle and protect businesses data. Backspace’s failure could cost customers millions.

Small-business and BNPL growth underscores two holiday trends and could direct investment for 2023.

What the IPO backlog and tumbling valuations mean for fintechs: More down rounds and private equity buyouts could be on the way.

The card, issued by Celtic Bank and powered by i2c, will be Square’s first foray into small-business credit cards.

TikTok pushes an AI advertising product: The app’s strong position is letting it experiment with machine learning to court advertisers big and small.