Small Business (SMB)

It’s focusing on genAI cloud services in finance, marketing, and sales. The company’s reputation for security could make it the leader in sovereign AI clouds.

Small businesses see higher engagement from phone display ads: Our Industry KPI data from Taboola uncovers a way for SMBs to compete with larger marketers.

Google Contemplates HubSpot deal: A move that could redefine the martech sector, blending CRM prowess with advertising innovation.

B2B is the largest segment of overall US payment volume, holding roughly five times that of consumer payments. It has been slower to digitize than the consumer sector, but finally passed the tipping point during the pandemic. Even now, almost a third of the market is up for grabs.

WhatsApp enhances privacy with new features: Aims to bridge gap between user comfort and revenue potential for WhatsApp Business

Advertising Week redefines representation: From diverse panels to strategic collaborations, inclusivity is both ethically and commercially prioritized.

Tougher return-to-office rules could put jobs in jeopardy for those who don't comply, questioning the wisdom of following Big Tech's lead.

Strategic upskilling is essential as AI usage increases the likelihood of job disruption and transformation. Investing in employees has never been more important.

A tie-in with PayEm will help businesses more easily manage their spending, which should appeal to firms trying to cut costs.

It partnered with FreedomPay and Marriott as part of a wider shift to grow volume by focusing on payments for bigger restaurant and hospitality brands.

Intensifying competition in the cyber insurance space will lead to more price competition as smaller firms seek to bolster protection.

Economic uncertainty has slashed small and medium-sized business (SMB) satisfaction with their payment service providers (PSPs). This is intensifying competition between acquirers and processors, banks, fintechs, and the vendors that serve them. Providers must enhance and simplify access to cutting-edge solutions that solve key pain points—or risk losing share.

Fintech is an easy scapegoat for a bigger problem: To keep nonbanks from benefiting from a new small-business lending rule, some objectors pointed to PPP fraud.

A rule on lending to small businesses arrives: The long-awaited regulation on disclosure of owners’ demographics, among other data, also has a weird part.