Advertising & Marketing

Ad networks are becoming a no-brainer for retailers: Grocery delivery startup Jokr is launching an ad platform to help its struggling business.

Advertisers are eyeing movie theaters’ record box office sales: Recent films have brought millions to theaters, and marketers are eager for their attention.

In analyzing the media landscape, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is reimagining the future of digital viewership. In this Q&A, the IAB's Eric John, vice president, media center, discussed continuous growth in video advertising and connected TV, why the old model of a million-dollar TV commercial playing once everywhere is gone, and how to make creative work better.

Netflix speeds up its ad rollout, but uncertainty still swirls: An internal note shows Netflix preempting concerns that rushed ads could harm its brand.

Roblox disappoints, but there’s reason to be bullish: As brands flock to gaming and metaverse-adjacent advertising opportunities, the platform stands to benefit.

This year’s highly anticipated Google I/O developer’s conference kicked off yesterday and all eyes were on the announcement of the new Pixel 6a, Pixel Watch, and Android 13, which were all covered along with updates to various Google Search, Maps, and Translate services.

Whether it’s fluctuating viewership or leveraging data-driven technologies to identify the right time and place for brand awareness, there's power in being flexible. In this Q&A, Mediahub's Carrie Drinkwater, chief investment officer, shares where marketing attention is shifting, what clients are looking for, and where new obstacles are rising.

Gamers want to see creative ads that are seamlessly integrated into gameplay. Some 41% of US gamers ages 18 to 34 would like rewards for devoting time and attention to in-game ads. Meanwhile, 32% believe ads should never interrupt a hardcore gamer’s flow.

Consumers want control over their ad experiences: Google is taking steps toward greater personalization, but new data suggests that personalization experiences don’t always yield better results for advertisers.

China orders replacement of foreign-branded PCs, software within two years: Government agencies and state-backed businesses will need to switch to domestic alternatives, which could mean losses for Dell, HP, and Microsoft.

Clearview AI settles case with ACLU: The controversial company promises not to sell its facial recognition database to most US businesses. Continued regulatory pushback could accelerate its pivot into ID verification.

Advertisers and platforms identify Hispanic media as a growth opportunity: TelevisaUnivision, NBCUniversal, and Canela are among the players looking to strengthen their relationships with this demographic group.

XBox Live goes down globally: The game streaming service and games on devices were inaccessible as its cloud service went down. The trend of outages for high-bandwidth, high-traffic services continues.

Lower internet costs, faster speed could propel broadband adoption: The White House, members of Congress, and 20 ISPs are on board to connect low-income households, but ongoing fiber shortages could delay efforts.

EU’s sweeping Big Tech law delayed until next year: Internet ‘gatekeepers’ to be a main focus in Digital Markets Act enforcement.

Cost-cutting and layoffs could hurt employer branding: Companies risk losing their employer reputations as they scale back to protect profitability.

Instagram’s NFT test is part of an ongoing campaign to woo creators: CEO Adam Mosseri announces support for NFTs to creators’ efforts to monetize their skills and audiences.

The number of internet users in Southeast Asia will grow 3.1% year over year in 2022, making it the second fastest growing region in the world.

Apple wants a bigger slice of the digital ad pie: The tech giant is reexamining its services category for more streaming and advertising opportunities.

Heavily-edited beauty and fashion ads strike a negative chord with consumers: Online responses and consumer spending habits show that edited photos hurt brands.