Advertising & Marketing

$52B chip bill stuck in legislative limbo: The CHIPS for America Act would help offset some of the losses suffered by American chipmakers or allow them to pursue expansion plans.

Spotify is refocusing on brand safety: The audio giant announces some moves to court brands even as it slows down hiring initiatives.

Firefox hopes privacy will give it an edge: The browser now limits cookies to individual websites, creating a more private browsing experience.

Juneteenth marketing misfires show DEI efforts need authenticity: Brands can gain the loyalty of Black consumers and other demographic groups by confronting and addressing pain points that uniquely affect them.

Warner Bros. Discovery cuts costs and preps for advertising cool-off: The media giant is slashing 1,000 jobs from its global ad sales team.

Watch the on-demand replay of our webinar, Marketing in the Metaverse, as our analysts cover facts and figures about the popularity of the metaverse with consumers, as well as statistics regarding metaverse-centric technologies like AR and VR.

Adobe’s web app gambit: Making Photoshop a freemium web app with a subscription hook has the potential to draw in millions of Chromebook users. Is a new era of web applications around the corner?

New in-game ad standards arrive just in time for the boom: The IAB and MRC have updated 13-year-old standards as spending surges.

Toyota’s new sustainability initiative focuses on ads, not cars: The automaker announced a partnership to reduce the carbon footprint of its digital ads.

Intel presses pause on PC chip hires: Rising inflation, surging competition, and a shrinking PC market force Intel to evaluate PC chipsets. Its austerity measures could resonate across the industry.

Advertising uncertainty just got worse: A report found that 17% of ads on CTV devices air while TVs are off, costing advertisers $1 billion.

Right idea, wrong timing for Coke: It’s new Jack-and-Coke cocktail in a can could be a hit—or a victim of inflation.

As many brands honor members of the LGBT+ community this Pride Month, consumers are looking for more than just a rainbow logo—they want action.

Metaverse events roll out welcome mat for LGBT+ community: Brands seize on opportunities to celebrate Pride Month in the virtual world.

Big Tech is showing cracks under antitrust pressure: An EU probe has pressured Google into loosening restrictions on YouTube ad placement.

Digital opioid treatments are sticky: Boulder Care nabs $36M and boasts its industry-leading retention rates. We detail how telehealth support and a steady, multipronged approach help patients stick to their SUD treatment regimens.

AppTrackingTransparency faces mounting legal pressure: A UK antitrust watchdog highlighted the policy as potentially anticompetitive, but good for privacy.

Retail media networks need to differentiate themselves: Dollar General’s retail media expansion highlights their reach with rural customers.

NFTs may be going through a rocky patch, but brands still turn to them for engagement: Budweiser is tokenizing its famous Clydesdales in a new campaign.

Those waiting for a bid from Amazon are going to hear crickets: The digital giant won’t pay up to $7.7 billion to win streaming rights for Indian Premier League cricket matches.