Meta launches its latest AI Assistant with Llama 3: It’s boldly integrating generative AI across its platforms and products but AI’s hallucinations could come back to haunt it.

Tesla recalls 3,878 Cybertrucks for defective accelerator pedals amid layoffs and sales slump, raising safety and leadership concerns.

Microsoft aims to secure its AI leadership by tripling its GPU supply, fueling expansive growth in generative AI and cloud services

Government employees threaten to quit over former OpenAI researcher’s hiring: We can expect to see rising discord over generative AI’s social and economic risks and what to do about them.

Best Buy launches an Apple Vision Pro app: The retailer aims to appeal to early adopters and tech-enthusiasts with the means to splurge on the latest and greatest new products.

Big Tech throws caution to the wind with massive AI capital expenditures: Tech companies’ multibillion-dollar AI spending spree could face the harsh reality of an overtaxed energy grid.

Big Tech scrambles to attract talent amid AGI quest: Companies have hundreds of AI-related open positions to snatch the best from a small pool of applicants to build frontier systems.

Microsoft and OpenAI are the latest companies expanding into Asia with significant investments in AI, aiming to fuel regional growth and technological innovation

Verishop bought data analytics firm Trendalytics: The move aims to help brands get a pulse on rapid shifts in consumer behavior trends.

Aldi retrofitted an existing store with checkout-free technology: The retailer wants to see if the frictionless shopping experience clicks with shoppers.

Meta will launch Quest VR subscription service for schools with Roblox: Its virtual-learning product could pay off long term but adds to expenses with dubious short-term ROI.

14,000 jobs are affected by its 8.5% YoY drop in Q1 deliveries amid intense competition and market shifts. Layoffs could continue unless the company refocuses on its core business.

OpenAI in the spotlight again over questions about internal stability: It fired two AI researchers over alleged data leaks. The incident suggests that previous chaos isn’t over.

Meta challenges Nvidia’s dominance with homegrown AI hardware: It’s getting investors’ attention with bold AI moves, but a closer examination shows a potentially shaky foundation.

Andy Jassy maps out a plan to boost Amazon’s bottom line: The CEO sees opportunities to further streamline Amazon’s fulfillment operations and boost advertising revenues.

Meta’s and OpenAI’s upcoming models will make AI more useful: They’ll be able to think, plan, and take action. The features will boost productivity and escalate AI’s risks

88,000 LG connected TVs face security risks, underscoring rising potential threats as IoT devices proliferate. Enhanced security could be a key factor for future products.

Governments and tech giants allocate billions to AI, raising concerns over dwindling startup funding and innovation in non-AI sectors.

Google gets its AI footing at Cloud Next: A litany of generative announcements—including a leading AI chip—make investors happy. But will demand for the technology have staying power?