Regulators are diverging on Big Tech acquisition and opening opportunities for blockbuster mergers despite mounting antitrust concerns.

Google’s Sidekick could kill the nascent prompt engineering field: By offering users prompt suggestions, the feature takes the role of a prompt engineer, threatening the latest tech industry job opportunity.

After a 31% sales plummet, will Apple’s M3 bring consumers back to Mac? Apple is likely testing M3 chips for Macs in anticipation of a surge in demand in 2024.

Meta strategically opening up WhatsApp’s chat payments functionality in Brazil and Singapore is the next step in creating a super app for over 2 billion global users.

Another recall in China tied to braking and acceleration defects presents a significant opportunity for domestic competitors BYD, Xpeng, and Nio to strengthen their market position

Big Tech balks at EU’s proposed AI Act changes: The EU is proposing strict AI regulations and a Microsoft exec wants none of it. An AI-induced myopia is at play.

Anthropic could overtake OpenAI’s lead with latest upgrade: The startup has invigorated its Claude chatbot with a larger memory in a move that could draw enterprise users away from ChatGPT.

Amazon doubles down on fast delivery: The retailer uses AI to reduce the distance it takes to fulfill orders, and prioritizes items that can be delivered quickly in search results.

After growing its smartphone portfolio, Google is looking at tablets and foldable phones as the next devices to extend its mobile platform.

Google holds search market in vice grip, for now at least: AI is reshaping the role of search. Microsoft’s bold moves, new platforms, and regulatory pressure will test Google’s dominance.

AI is booming among content creators: The technology has become a staple for online influencers, which bodes well for startups. But keeping audiences satisfied might require a more human touch.

The EU is ramping up its efforts in an antitrust probe into Apple Pay. But the Big Tech firm’s loyal customers should shield it from potential fallout.

QSRs turn to tech to cut costs and boost efficiency: Wendys, Hardee’s, Carl’s Jr., and Sweetgreen are among the chains turning to automation to streamline operations.

Everseen raises nearly $70 million for its retail theft tech: The company’s AI-based solution is gaining popularity among retailers looking for a less intrusive way to prevent shrink.

Caught between FCC mandates and cheaper, Chinese-made network equipment, small carriers are left exposed as costs skyrocket and shortages delay replacement plans.

Microsoft makes bold, highly speculative agreement with Helion Energy: The tech giant is likely taking a leap of faith that AI will yield a nuclear fusion breakthrough in five years.

ByteDance takes aim at Amazon’s book sector prowess: Building on its engaging algorithm and #BookTok’s success, ByteDance’s new social media platform for bookish users might pull sales away from Amazon.

The company is threading artificial intelligence into its core products and services used by millions of users while doubling down on AI accountability. Read online

The yearly developers’ conference could see AI announcements overshadowing Android, Google Nest, and hardware releases.

Tech a focal point for millions of jobs lost in next four years: AI, renewable energy, and economic upheaval are likely to shrink the global job market. Society plays catchup on disruption.