Klarna hailed AI’s potential, but it needs to consider how the tech can bring benefits that competitors can’t replicate.

Google is about to change the internet as we know it: It’s speeding up its generative AI cadence as OpenAI rocks the App Store. Competition for users will spur continuous upgrades.

Leaked sales document reveals Amazon’s AI strategy: By billing itself as the more experienced vendor offering greater AI model variety, Amazon is hoping to preserve its dominant cloud standing.

The app’s expanding product suite could appeal to this group. But they won’t be an easy sell, and Block risks becoming over-reliant on Cash App.

By appealing the CMA Activision Blizzard decision, Microsoft started a judicial process that will delay various game projects and might devalue the companies involved.

Google accepts the lonely role of AI Pact pioneer: Likely bracing for fallout, Google is using its PR experience to demonstrate leadership in AI while OpenAI gives mixed messages.

Nvidia strikes AI gold as it nears $1T market cap: The chipmaker is an early winner of the generative AI hype, stunning Wall Street with a blockbuster quarterly performance.

ts new handheld accessory isn’t the Nintendo Switch killer many had hoped for, but it’s a sign that the gaming giant is investing to build around its consoles.

Booming insurance app uptake creates opportunities for insurtechs, which can better capitalize on their tech-focused offerings than incumbents.

Intensifying competition in the cyber insurance space will lead to more price competition as smaller firms seek to bolster protection.

Integrating ChatGPT features in Windows 11, Bing, and Edge might mean a renaissance for all things Microsoft.

Partnering with local fleet operators bolsters the country’s clean-energy push amid alarming pollution levels. However, insufficient charging infrastructure remains an obstacle.

AI is showing black swan effects: The technology is keeping markets afloat while also causing panic and apprehension among Wall Street investors. Regulators are in a bind.

Meta forced to sell Giphy at $262M loss: Recent financial blows raise questions about Meta’s strategy amid regulatory scrutiny and a quickly changing tech landscape. Investor favor won’t last forever.

Google outperforms rivals as it shows ChatGPT immunity: Despite their best efforts, Microsoft and startups haven’t eaten market share. Google shows it has leeway to approach generative AI cautiously.

We round up the bank’s investor day and find that it’s benefited from the regional banking crisis.

Technology companies are caught between China and the US. Bans from both countries could upend entire supply chains and future growth.

Citing constitutional violations and hindrance to user-generated content dissemination, any outcome may affect tech regulation across states and digital ecosystems.

Apple makes estimated $15B bet on Broadcom: Not resting on its iPhone laurels, Apple boosts its competitive edge by investing in connectivity expertise and US GDP growth.