Apple about to cash in as ChatGPT tops App Store chart: With a 30% cut of ChatGPT subscription fees in the bank, Apple might make big AI announcements at WWDC.

Beyond having to pay the largest GDPR fine, Facebook risks discontinuing its services in the EU, where it has 255 million users.

Twitter’s Linda Yaccarino ready to take on Meta’s new platform: The race to replace Twitter is heating up. There’s a small window to attract a critical mass of users.

The memory chipmaker’s products getting blocked in China is another escalation that stifles innovation and competition.

The company was once all in on cloud computing but is selling off the business unit as part of its massive restructuring. The move raises questions about its future business focus.

Google, Twitter breathe sighs of relief over Supreme Court ruling: The decision pacifies tech’s fear of a broken internet and revenue losses, but Section 230 controversy is far from over.

Breaking up with Google is hard, Samsung discovers: The smartphone giant has paused swapping search engine deals over market concerns. Microsoft might have to pay a premium to win contracts.

The new legislation will impose fines on TikTok for continuing operations in the state and on Apple and Google for enabling app downloads.

Google might have the most powerful AI model: Controversy about secretive advanced AI models will grow, with training data a focal point. Allowing third-party auditing could help win public trust.

A $3.6 billion investment can secure the American chipmaker as a key supplier in various Japanese industries for years to come.

UK’s BT plans massive 55,000-worker layoffs: The telecom giant cited AI as a reason. It’s part of a growing trend that has workers on edge and policymakers caught flat-footed.

Fintechs like Bitpanda and Public are exploring how AI can help them offer personalized investment advice and analysis to boost engagement.

Fake ChatGPT apps feed off AI frenzy: As generative AI exacerbates digital deception, companies will have to win public approval, which might entail slowing the commercial deployment cadence.

Quantum is a growing focus in US-China tech cold war: Google and IBM are part of a US-Japan partnership on quantum research. Rhetoric about China undermines the technology’s potential.

Anthropic wins Zoom’s trust: The startup’s Claude chatbot will become a Zoom feature as it gains momentum in its rivalry with OpenAI, supported by an effective, ethics-focused marketing strategy.

Can Apple leverage its expertise as well as its 34 million developers to build a mixed reality ecosystem?

Vodefone lays off 11,000 workers globally: Europe’s struggling telecom industry could be on unstable footing to compete in the upcoming 6G race if governments don’t make public infrastructure investments.

Technology and cloud expertise are becoming hot commodities for automakers increasingly reliant on innovation and cybersecurity to power EV adoption.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman offers US Senate his AI regulation wish list: US regulatory action on AI might fail to comprehensively mitigate risks including from open-source models.

Neobank Dave is successfully using AI-driven underwriting to bolster revenues in its quest for profitability.