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Retail media is both a huge opportunity and a huge headache for brands: Advertisers spent $46.38 billion on retail media this year, but frustrations over lack of standardization could threaten future growth.

The year sports streaming hit its stride: Thursday Night Football, Sunday Ticket, and more delivered strong results for streaming services after a slow 2022.

Ads hit Prime Video on January 29: Amazon's move to bolster ad revenues should allow it to better compete with the likes of Netflix and Disney+.

AI complicates the legal battlefield for Big Tech companies: Regulatory scrutiny intensifies over monopolistic practices, content moderation, and the complexities of emerging generative AI technologies.

Prime Video ads signal a paradigm shift: Amazon's venture reshapes the advertising landscape, elevating CTV while linear TV declines.

Taylor Swift leads US, Karol G tops globally: Vevo's 2023 charts reflect the growing influence of music videos in the industry.

Media union activity picks up: Contract wins and membership gains show labor’s strength, but industry turbulence remains.

25% of US TV/video ad buyers want to have three currencies for impression measurement, according to March 2023 data from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, Standard Media Index, and Advertiser Perceptions. Another 45% opt for four or more currencies.

WBD and Paramount reportedly discuss merger to enhance streaming services and compete with giants like Netflix: It's a move that could reshape the media industry.

Gaming reigns supreme in entertainment despite economic pain: In 2024, the gaming industry is poised for transformative strides, fueled by Microsoft’s strategies after its Activision Blizzard acquisition and groundbreaking advancements in generative AI.

Foreign news publishers boost US presence: Access to vast audience offers opportunities to increase users and revenues.

As privacy laws tighten globally, the role of IP addresses faces challenges: Rising scrutiny could pose challenges for CTV advertising.

Interest in the metaverse waned in 2023, but we’re starting to see some of its technologies gain adoption. Generative AI superseded interest in immersive VR platforms, but it’s also pushing VR further into the future.

We might see generative AI hallucination insurance emerge in 2024: The tech is poised to introduce new opportunities, such as cost-effective, innovative solutions. But companies will also need to provide ways to mitigate risk.

AI search engines threaten the publishing industry: Publishers say they could lose nearly half their traffic if AI search chatbots become the norm.

Saudi Arabia stepped up investment in US media in 2023: A megamerger between LIV Golf and the PGA raised concerns about the country’s influence on the US.

Netflix will overtake Disney+ in ad revenues next year, amassing $1.03 billion versus Disney’s $911.9 million, per our forecast.

On today’s podcast episode, our analyst Bill Fisher asks forecasting writer Ethan Cramer-Flood and forecasting analysts Oscar Bruce Jr. and Zach Goldner about the most interesting Insider Intelligence international forecasts of the past year, as well as what we can expect for 2024.

Adapting to consumer preferences: YouTube's new approach features longer but fewer ad breaks on connected TVs.