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Consumers Raise Their Expectations for Visual Search

As visual search moves from novelty to legitimate discovery tool, consumes have raised their expectations for its utility and accuracy.

What's Next for Augmented Reality in Marketing? Measurement, of Course

Tony Bevilacqua, founder and CEO of augmented and virtual reality measurement platform Cognitive3D, discusses the metrics available for marketers that want to measure augmented reality experiences.

How Quartz Turns Content Into Conversations for Facebook Messenger

John Keefe, bot developer and app product manager at Quartz, discusses how the digital publisher uses Facebook Messenger to create loyal readers.

In the latest episode of "Behind the Numbers," we chat about how many US connected TV users there are, what that viewership looks like and some of the hurdles the space needs to overcome before it can thrive.

Podcast Ads Aren't Commercials—They're Part of the Story

National Public Media's Gina Garrubbo and Bryan Moffet discuss why advertiser interest in NPR's podcasts keeps growing, and how it works with advertisers to create organic ads.

Roku Eschews Open Exchanges for Premium Deals

Scott Rosenberg, Roku’s senior vice president and general manager of platform, spoke about how the digital video company approaches programmatic ad selling.

What's Holding Back Ad Dollars from Connected TV?

Pooja Midha, president of true[X], explains what needs to happen for connected TV advertising to reach its full potential.

Mixed Reality not a Reality for Most Companies, at Least for Now

Most companies are not using mixed reality in any way, according to a recent study, but that doesn’t mean they don't think it's important.

Exodus from Pay TV Accelerates Despite OTT Partnerships

Even as traditional pay TV providers form partnerships with former over-the-top rivals to retain customers, cord-cutting continues to outpace projections. According to eMarketer’s latest figures, the number of US adult cord-cutters will climb 32.8% this year to 33.0 million. That’s higher than the 22.0% growth rate projected in July 2017.

Creating Branded Augmented Reality Experiences Consumers Can't Live Without

Ben Gaddis, president of ad agency T3, spoke with eMarketer’s Caroline Cakebread about what’s possible with AR today, and how marketers can best utilize it to create revenue generating experiences.

It’s Too Risky for Brands to Stay on the Sidelines of Augmented Reality

Keith Soljacich, vice president of experiential technology at Digitas, discusses the state of augmented reality and what a brand's presence could look like in an augmented world.

Millennials Don't Mind Using Tech While Shopping

A survey of US and UK millennials found that—surprise—many would be comfortable using a variety of new technologies while shopping.

What Shoppers Want from Stores of the Future

Retailers have been implementing in-store tech and omnichannel options to meet the perceived demands of the modern shopper. A recent RIS News survey found many US internet users are interested in shopping options like "grab and go" technology, while fewer were keen on virtual reality or robots.

How Dennis Publishing Takes a Stance Against Ad Blockers Without Turning Off Users

Nick Flood, deputy managing director of digital at Dennis Publishing, talks about how communicating with consumers can combat ad blocking.

Marketers Struggle to Master Connected TV Advertising as Audience Grows

By 2022, more than 204 million people in the US will watch connected TV at least once a month. But the advertising market is still figuring out how to best use these platforms.

How Roku Attracts Advertisers and Gets a Bigger Piece of Their TV Budgets

Scott Rosenberg, senior vice president and general manager of platform at Roku, discusses the company’s ad business and what advertisers want to see before they shift more ad dollars from traditional TV to connected TV.

Cord-Cutting Accelerates as OTT Video Keeps Growing

A record number of US consumers will have pulled the plug on pay TV by the end of 2018. In order to slow the viewer exodus, traditional TV providers are teaming up with an unlikely partner: Netflix.

Audience for Connected TV Grows, but Ad Spending Has Lagged

Connected TV households now make up nearly three-quarters of all US households, but those penetration levels don’t necessarily add up to a huge advertising market—yet.

How Chobani Executes Audience-First Targeting to Achieve More Than a Single Objective

Eddie Revis, senior director of marketing communications at Chobani, discusses the brand's approach to building targeted campaigns at the individual and household levels.