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Google spends over $1 billion to settle smaller lawsuits, freeing up bandwidth for coming government and regulatory action. Bigger trials are around the corner for Big Tech.

Meta ignores tech industry’s AI apocalypse warning: A group of companies and researchers say AI’s extinction threat is real. But will present-day risks be addressed?

Meta to end News Tab in US, Australia as it focuses on video content: The shift reflects changing digital media consumption patterns.

Who holds the power in the music industry? A clash between Universal Music Group and TikTok could redefine the sector leaders.

The large antitrust penalty on Apple for abusing App Store dominance in music streaming sends a strong message to Big Tech gatekeepers over unfair store practices.

Nvidia keeps defying gravity, and it’s making Wall Street very anxious: Its AI chips are selling like commodities. Global demand is high, but Big Tech might withdraw its support.

A flying car becomes a best-seller: Alef’s Model A has record preorders, with delivery set for next year. Meanwhile, its standard EV won’t be available until 2035, underscoring auto industry issues.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss what comes after the end of search as we know it, what generative AI (genAI) is best at today, who the right partner for Paramount+ is, what Ikea's plans to save the mall entail, the most popular alcoholic drinks in the US, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our director of reports editing Rahul Chadha and analysts Ross Benes and Max Willens.

This year has the makings for a major year in advertising, with big events like the Olympics and the presidential election on the calendar. But don’t expect 2024 to follow the same patterns as 2020 or 2016. Following duel strikes and in the midst of streamer consolidation, this year media planners need to be agile aware of changes in consumer sentiment and content. Here are five trends media experts think you should watch.

Are chatbots the next digital billboards? Startup Adzedek is providing a pay-per-click ad system to AI providers. It’s a revenue lifeline that comes with PR baggage due to AI’s mouthiness.

Disney and Reliance merge Indian businesses, creating an $8.5 billion juggernaut: The joint venture is set to dominate India's entertainment with 40% market share.

Media giants from 17 European countries sue Google for €2.1 billion, claiming ad market manipulation and revenue loss. Intensifying litigation could topple Google’s long-standing practices.

Apple shareholders vote down AI ethics standards: They’re getting impatient with Apple over its generative AI hesitation. The tech giant is focusing on quality over quantity to uphold its reputation.

Honda fuses its personal mobility venture with VR: Its full-body device could provide novel immersive experiences at commercial venues, but the vision for VR is smaller, lighter devices.

Paramount reports Q4 profit surge as Paramount+ grows: Strategy shifts towards efficiency, global focus amid industry challenges

Despite the platforms’ efforts to distance themselves from news and political content, social media remains a major source of information about politics and current events. It’s also a focal point for discussions on hot-button topics like the election, and an important political marketing channel.

OpenAI slams NYT while Google invests in AI news: Tech companies need news outlets, but questions over fair compensation and journalistic integrity loom large.

But Google isn’t the only company with a misbehaving AI: Microsoft and OpenAI chatbots have been generating problematic output too, but the burden is on Google to show its winning tech.

64% of US adults think disinformation and “fake news” are most widespread on social media, according to a September 2023 survey from UNESCO and Ipsos.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss the main problems folks are facing today when it comes to building creatives, how to overcome them, and what the creative problems of the future might be. "In Other News," we talk about the generative AI (genAI) priorities for marketers this year and what will actually replace cookies. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Bill Fisher and Aarjav Thakore, senior product manager at StackAdapt.