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On today's podcast episode, we discuss how all the different TV terms fit together, to what degree subscription revenues are moving from pay TV to streaming, who's winning the "digital pay TV" race, and how the new sports streaming service from Fox, ESPN, and Warner Bros. Discovery could change everything. "In Other News," we talk about what a new sponsor logo placement from the WWE will look like and how the US ad market is getting on to start the year. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Ross Benes.

Every major streaming company—and some not so major ones—is investing in live sports. As they compete for broadcast rights, they’re seeking advertisers. Exclusive inventory is a draw, but benefits like first-party data and the ability to execute on lower-funnel objectives are also helping streamers woo live sports advertisers.

The EU’s Digital Markets Act levels the playing field for alternative smartphone browsers and search engines, proving that open markets lead to new opportunities.

Women’s sports help advertisers increase ROI: An Edo study found that engagement was much higher for ads featured on women’s sporting broadcasts.

The future of TikTok’s content creators, advertisers, and 170 million users remains uncertain as the bill moves to the Senate. TikTok’s loss could be Meta’s and Google’s gain.

AI disillusionment is growing: The trillions of dollars of economic prosperity promised haven’t materialized yet, but there’s a way to speed up the process.

Meta’s smart glasses winning streak: It has developed a useful, affordable product that people can wear in public. The latest AI integration could make them a magnet for tourists.

Ad-supported streaming and live sports are accelerating pay TV’s decline: The largest pay TV providers lost 5 million subscribers in 2023, while SVOD’s market share grew.

Reuters joins the list of publications with AI licensing deals: CEO Steve Hasker said the company has $8 billion set aside for AI spending and multiple content licensing deals.

X debuts on smart TVs to rival YouTube, leveraging high-profile collaborations for a notable pivot: Musk's strategy faces quality hurdles.

Streaming platforms face tough Oscars night, with Netflix winning only one award and Apple TV+'s 'Killers' left empty-handed: Traditional studios continue their dominance.

Apple, Google, and Microsoft are altering business models by opening app markets, data sharing, and consumer choice. Global ripple effects could follow.

Apple hypes up Vision Pro for healthcare: It’s getting healthcare apps for surgical assistance, medical education, and more. But most physicians are proceeding with caution—for now.

Startups like Perplexity play an endless game of catch-up with Big Tech on AI: Scarce and expensive hardware for model training is creating a fairness gap that will be difficult to close.

Revival of award shows sparks ad sales: Grammy and Golden Globes' successes rejuvenate Oscars advertising, reflecting live TV's enduring allure.

Investigation exonerates OpenAI CEO Altman: The report’s brevity points to continued secrecy that could make it difficult to inspire trust, even though it keeps drama at bay.

Big Tech is kneecapping academics’ AI research: A national AI hardware stockpile could level the playing field between tech and academia and help protect national security interests.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss what the hell happened—and is happening—to online ads, whether the video streaming boom is officially over, the next big wearable category, what happens when the First Amendment collides with social media, what the world would look like if there were only 100 people, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our forecasting writer Ethan Cramer-Flood and analysts Ross Benes and Blake Droesch.

Netflix’s next sports bet is a live boxing event: A matchup between legend Mike Tyson and rising star Jake Paul will offer another chance for Netflix to prove its live capabilities.

Apple's 13 Oscar nominations for 'Killers' and 'Napoleon' underscore its $700 million film investment: The strategy enriches its Hollywood presence and streaming allure.