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Meta faces painful reality: The company’s transition to a VR ecosystem could hit a wall as economic headwinds, plummeting stock value, layoffs, and hiring freezes force Zuckerberg to take a hard look at Meta’s needs.

Faith in Meta’s ad business gets another heavy shake: An AdExchanger report alleges that employees took secret payments from advertisers to fix rampant tech issues.

Advertisers are ditching a tumultuous Twitter in the wake of Elon Musk’s erratic behavior, combined with an underwhelming (or downright concerning) earnings season for Big Tech.

Our latest forecasts on media and tech usage in Japan offer a glimpse of what’s expected.

Chaos reigns at Twitter: The company takes on an impulsive character as it lays off half its staff but then implores ex-employees to return. Advertisers are pausing while new features are stalled until after the midterm elections.

As users and advertisers jump ship from Twitter amid Elon Musk’s takeover, there’s no shortage of platforms for them to land on.

As political advertising grows, social media's role has evolved: More ad collars are flowing to CTV now, though campaigns are approaching influencers to support candidates.

Twitter chaos gives fuel to alternative app: Despite Mastodon’s recent gains, its limitations won’t bring widespread adoption.

Each year, our analysts dig into media and device usage across the world. In total, we looked at 44 markets. Here’s a look at eight key insights our analysts found in the United States and Canada.

Twitter advertisers wait and see as Musk shakeup plays out: Caution about platform’s direction abounds as deep staff cuts loom.

Twitter and TikTok regulatory losses would be Meta’s gain: Musk’s Twitter acquisition has attracted federal scrutiny and TikTok could get banned. There might be hope for Facebook and Snapchat after all.

Your brand should already be on TikTok. Here are five charts evidencing that point.

Could a celebrity exodus under Musk impact Twitter’s bottom line? The platform’s influential nature seems to matter to headliners and advertisers wary of changes to come.

Twitter in transition: Upheaval follows the leadership change at Twitter as it grapples with ramping up profits and drumming up advertising revenue just as brands and users question its content moderation policies.

Instagram is latest to suffer outage: Instagram users are suspended in the latest service outage. Meta’s platforms are becoming unmanageable as users experience weekly outages that are taking longer to resolve.

We forecast that total retail holiday sales will total $1.297 trillion this year. Brands looking for a piece of the pie need to maximize their social media presence, which, of course, includes TikTok.

On today's episode, we discuss the addressable opportunity in the US, how big the connected TV market is, and how measurement, privacy, and fragmentation are disrupting progress in advanced TV. "In Other News," we talk about how TikTok is trying to usher in an age of machine learning advertising and how Google is trying to put Chrome users in control of their ad experience. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Evelyn Mitchell.

Insights from the Future of Meta report: We look at key VR hardware and software opportunities for Meta’s future as the company leverages its dominance in VR headsets to build its vision for the metaverse.

OpenWeb raises $170 million as it prepares for IPO: As news providers and social platforms butt heads, the company’s tools help publishers manage audience discussions on their sites.

In the last year, Meta—and the overall US digital ad market—have changed significantly. Here are seven strategies from our “The Future of Meta” report that marketers should embrace in the new year.