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Facebook whistleblower says Meta won’t solve its problems if Mark Zuckerberg remains CEO: Frances Haugen took center stage at the Web Summit, which could open her up to criticism but also keep Meta in the spotlight as it looks to move on.

On today's episode, we discuss the most interesting takeaways from Snapchat's Q3 earnings, how Apple's iOS changes are affecting Snapchat, and where the social media company will be by the end of the year. We then talk about where people prefer to follow their favorite brands and how concerned Instagram is about losing young people. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer senior analyst at Insider Intelligence Jasmine Enberg.

Social platforms use holiday shopping season to boost livestream ecommerce: Facebook and Pinterest are hoping the holidays can help increase consumers' adoption of their live shopping features.

The video game livestreaming wars are heating up: Both Facebook Gaming and YouTube Gaming are aggressively rolling out incentives for streamers to leave the reigning streaming site, Twitch.

Snap's deal to bring NBCU audio clips to the app is a win-win: Better video creation tools gives Snap a boost over TikTok and gives NBCU a new way to promote its shows and movies to Gen Z.

TikTok’s tip jar is the latest feature aimed at retaining creators: Creators often rely on multiple platforms and revenue streams, but Tiktok and its peers are trying to become one-stop shops.

Twitter’s brand-focused ad business is more resilient to Apple’s privacy changes: By contrast, performance ads on Facebook and Snapchat have been hurt by the decline in targeting and measurement capabilities with AppTrackingTransparency.

Snap, TikTok, and YouTube can’t escape the clamor for children’s safety online: Facebook may be taking most of the heat, but these giants faced tough questions of their own at a congressional hearing on Tuesday.

Facebook rebrands as Meta in shift to the metaverse: The move could put greater pressure on the company to make more money from virtual reality, while simultaneously putting its governance in the spotlight.

Facebook earnings hint at slower growth and a challenging road ahead: While revenues surged and beat analyst estimates, executives warned that younger consumer attrition and targeting capabilities could take years to solve.

Instagram's influencer shop test could boost affiliate marketing on the platform: Influencers may soon be able to create built-in, long-term repositories of products accessible directly from their profiles.

New internal reports detail the severity of Facebook’s youth signup and engagement drop-off, which could spell an existential crisis for the company if unaddressed.

Faze Clan's public offering will be a proving ground for public creator economy companies: The organization started in 2010—before influencers and creators were the norm—and its market performance could foreshadow similar moves from newer companies.

On today's episode, we discuss Facebook’s recent outages and how WhatsApp being down in particular affected consumers and businesses around the world. Tune in to the discussion as eMarketer principal analyst Bill Fisher hosts senior analysts Jasmine Enberg and Matteo Ceurvels.

Issues of deceptive content, privacy, and safety continue to plague social media. Building user trust is critical for social platforms and their advertisers; it affects how users feel on social media sites and may also impact whether users want to engage with ads there.

Pinterest’s social commerce push will be helped by MRC accreditation: The platform has launched significant social commerce features in recent months, and its accreditation comes as other platforms struggle to provide accurate measurement.

On today's episode, we discuss the most important trends in media, including what is happening with the rise of smart products, how concerning the plateauing of social media use is, and how people are using voice assistants in different ways. Tune in to the discussion with chief research officer at GlobalWebIndex Jason Mander and eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Karin von Abrams.

Snap misses Q3 revenue goal by $3 million, citing iOS privacy changes: The platform’s bottom line was affected by supply chain issues and changes to app tracking via Apple, foreshadowing a rough quarter for other social platforms.

Instagram will now allow users to share content through their browsers: The much-requested feature could push more Instagram usage to desktops.