Social Media

TikTok Shop rollout spurs concern about platform engagement: Our survey shows many users have actually boosted their usage since shopping debut, but time spent is slowing overall.

TikTok remains Gen Zers’ preferred social network in terms of time spent, but its growth is hitting a wall. That’s natural, given the enormous amount of time they’re already spending on the app.

Meta and Google’s dominance is threatened by fraud: A class-action lawsuit alleges Meta inflated ad viewership projections by 400%.

The changing face of social media creator income: As growth in sponsored content ebbs, alternative revenue streams make headway.

Discord’s advertising debut must be carefully managed: The gaming and messaging app risks alienating consumers in its pursuit of revenue growth.

YouTube boosts creator income with Members Only Shorts, challenging TikTok's paywall feature: The battle for creator allegiance and platform supremacy escalates.

Despite an initial stock surge, TMTG's weak fundamentals and Trump's legal challenges cast shadows on Truth Social's market prospects: Its sustainability as an ad platform remains highly questionable.

YouTube is the best platform for ad engagement, but others are rising: Our Industry KPI data found that YouTube, X, and podcasts delivered the strongest attention metrics.

Young people spend an enormous amount of time on social media. Despite how it can make them (or their parents) feel and the harm it can cause, that’s not likely to change.

Social shopping skepticism: Despite Meta and TikTok’s best efforts, many prefer to focus on the "social" and the "media" instead.

Nano-influencers reign on Instagram with a 6.23% engagement rate: TikTok's top influencers, meanwhile, maintain a 4.95% rate.

Here’s what a TikTok-less America would look like for marketers, users, and creators, based on our latest forecasts.

LinkedIn tests TikTok-like video feed: The strategic move would improve discovery and engagement with B2B short-form content.

X’s US app usage dropped 23% since Musk’s takeover, outpacing the decline of rivals. Can bundling genAI result in user recovery?

Snap and Integral Ad Science strike a brand safety partnership: New brand safety tools will help the platform distinguish itself from others.

Social media users in select countries (US, UK, Australia, France, and Saudi Arabia) trust brands over influencers when it comes to finance, apparel, and skincare, per an October study from Snap Inc. and IPG Magna. Finance is where this trend is most pronounced.

On today's podcast episode (part 2), we discuss what America looks like without TikTok, who would be most likely to buy the short-video app, and what marketers should be thinking about to plan for the future. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Minda Smiley and Max Willens.

Reddit's brand safety woes aren't over: We found that content depicting suicide and other violence was easy to access, revealing a moderation failure.

Florida bans minors from social media in a major shift: The bill further fractures US social media regulation and could impose hefty fines for noncompliance.

Meta's granular settings balance engagement with user satisfaction: Threads and Instagram to recognize diverse perspectives and sensitivities in social media political discourse.