Social Media

The “de-influencing” influence: The new trend of creators recommending what not to buy reflects a tough economy, disdain for fakery.

Big Tech tries cooperation, not combat, with EU regulators: Platforms are trying to adapt to new norms around data privacy and advertising.

Instagram takes a page from Telegram’s playbook: The platform’s latest foray from its roots could appeal to creators.

Twitter sparks up cannabis ads: The social media platform opens the door to cannabis companies to boost ad revenues in the US, but it will need to recover its reputation among Big Pharma.

Snapchat sees user bump amid economic headwinds: Company outlines the steps it’s taking to bolster direct-response ad performance.

Meta responds to consumer transparency demands: Its ad new transparency tool could build trust at a time when TikTok's is experiencing some erosion.

Social media influences patients and providers: Medical professionals can change their view of medications and treatments based on social media content. Pharma marketers, take notice.

With ChatGPT’s historically viral launch, 2023 is poised to be the year generative AI breaks through into marketing and advertising. These numbers will help you make sense of the billions that are pouring into the space from VC and tech giants alike and reveal the most popular use cases.

BeReal’s Spotify integration is a big next step: The app is adding the ability to share music and podcasts but should be careful not to wander from its core mission.

For TikTok, the second time’s the charm: The app’s creator fund has had repeated issues with payouts. But rather than adopt another model, it’s revamping the fund.

While overall social network user numbers are rising slowly in the UK, there’s much greater movement in terms of the platforms being used.

Gen Zers are more likely than any other age group to have brand loyalty—even if it means spending more. As this younger generation's spending power continues to grow, how can brands win them over for good? Find out more in our latest data drop.

Just as Facebook became the platform that defined millennials’ social media experience, TikTok is cruising toward a similar status for Gen Z—but it’s taking a different route.

Creator funds are out, tipping is in: Instagram is expanding a gifting feature that lets users pay Reels creators through an in-app currency in a move echoing TikTok and Twitch.

Among the major global platforms, Facebook and Instagram will remain firmly at the top in both total revenues and user base, and TikTok will once again be the fastest-growing platform in both areas

Musk says Twitter will share ad revenue with creators: There’s a catch—they have to subscribe to Twitter Blue first.

Pinterest’s shopping strategy addresses many social commerce pain points: But sluggish user growth may hinder its ability to increase its share of the market.

The social audience remains massive: This year, for the first time, roughly two-thirds of the US population will use a social network at least monthly, per our estimates

2023 has been a rocky year for retail, with layoffs, inflation, and a potential recession dominating headlines. Despite all that, footwear sales are doing quite well. “People wear shoes. That’s as simple as that,” said Romy Samuel, founder of digital sneaker marketplace Common Ace.

Hashtag ‘#deinfluencing’ tops 68 million views on TikTok: The trend involves telling consumers what not to buy, pushing back against overconsumption and inauthentic creators.