Social Media

Musk's few hours at the helm of Twitter have been interesting: Those brand safety concerns aren't going away, and product innovation is (maybe) speeding up.

Affiliate marketing is getting a second wind as emerging publishers and creators attract a new crop of advertisers. Here’s a refresher on the benefits of affiliate marketing, as well as a word of caution for advertisers interested in giving it a try.

Pinterest is bright light in dim Q3 for social platforms: Company delivers better-than-expected revenue and notes deeper engagement with users.

Brands miss the old Kanye: the Ye saga offers lesson in crisis response as many cut ties after rapper’s offensive speech.

A quest for pros: Meta’s premium Quest Pro headset is now available, and while early reviews laud the improved design, comfort, and controllers, reviewers also dinged the poor battery life and confusing mixed reality focus.

Phishing attacks on the rise: Trusted brands like DHL, Microsoft, and LinkedIn are often impersonated in phishing emails, causing millions of dollars in breaches. Are brands responsible for educating their customers?

Meta faces rocky road to reverse underperformance: Q3 shows revenue outlook weakening as metaverse projects swell expenses.

For many, Facebook’s new name introduced “the metaverse” as a concept. But a year out, most people have not entered the metaverse. Right now, Meta’s facelift doesn’t appear to have legs. (Quite literally—the little Horizon Worlds avatars still don’t have legs.)

WhatsApp suffers a global outage: The world’s most popular messaging app went dark in various countries, underscoring the fragility of centralized communications and piling on Meta’s troubles as it prepares for its Q3 earnings call.

Apple is demanding 30% of promoted post transactions: The App Store now says promoted posts should be treated as in-app purchases in a not-so-subtle attack against Meta.

According to TikTok, 44% of users are planning to buy or lease a car in the next six months. It’s with that in mind that the platform recently released its “Auto Dealers Playbook,” which aims to help marketers leverage the platform to engage the auto community and boost sales.

Meta would rather block news than pay Canadian publishers: A proposed bill modeled after one in Australia would require the company to negotiate with news publishers.

New social media app earns top status two months after launch: Gas became the most downloaded Apple Store app. Can it sustain the attention in a crowded social media field?

BeReal may have doubled its users in two months: With reports of 20 million DAU, copycat attempts clearly haven’t slowed down the photo-sharing app.

Facebook Communities Summit shows Groups feature is still relevant: The platform announced a number of new features, and, of course, Reels got a mention.

“Social is everything we do. It’s the connective tissue.” That was the message from Meghan Myszkowski, global head of social media for Xbox and Game Pass, at Advertising Week New York. But social media is constantly changing, making brand relevance often hard to achieve. Here’s what brands should keep in mind.

Social commerce sales will continue rising: This is despite slowing buyer growth, as existing customers continue to spend more on social purchases.

Insider Intelligence spoke with Megan Brophy, Vice President of Marketing and Brand Strategy at Abercrombie & Fitch, about the brand’s work on TikTok and the prevalence of livestream shopping in the US market.

TikTok pushes an AI advertising product: The app’s strong position is letting it experiment with machine learning to court advertisers big and small.

Another brutal quarter for Snapchat: The company’s repeated failure to garner ad interest has left it in a bleak position with an uncertain future.