Social Media

Introducing the new X: The former Twitter introduces biometric data collection and tackles LinkedIn's job listings empire.

Global digital services taxation is intensifying with New Zealand aiming to tax companies like Meta and Google 3% of profits by 2025.

A lack of news isn't keeping Canadians off Facebook: It’s been nearly two months since Meta banned news content on Facebook in Canada, and usage has barely moved.

Some 65% of TikTokers prefer content from brands that feature original sounds, according to 2021 MRC Data. TikTok sounds allow users to attach posts to songs and other audio which can then drive an association between the song and the brand. TikTok already has a Commercial Music Library of royalty-free tracks, but brands can push social campaigns a step further by creating their own viral songs.

TikTok will beat Facebook in time spent in 2025, with US adults spending over 5.19 billion total minutes per day on the platform, while they will spend a total of 5.02 billion total minutes per day on Facebook, according to our forecast.

Key stat: Nearly 60% of TikTok viewers are more likely to trust a brand after hearing about it from a creator compared with hearing about it from a standard, in-feed ad, said Sam Kimmel, global creator partnerships lead at TikTok, during a CreatorIQ webinar.

The service is now available on web browsers. But it will still be hard to sustain engagement after an 80% drop in users from its July peak.

Reddit launches "Mod Helper Program" amid moderator tensions: Initiative seeks to reward helpful advice but faces mixed reactions.

Key stat: About 98% of creators use Instagram feed posts, Instagram Stories, and Instagram Reels, putting the platform above TikTok, Facebook, and other popular social networks for creator use, according to Mavrck.

Brands can capitalize on social trends with real-world products and programs, but they have to be able to act at the speed of TikTok. That means giving creators autonomy, having a strong brand identity, and keeping a close eye on trends.

The Digital Services Act enforces new rules on 19 large platforms, affecting content moderation and ads. Noncompliance could result in hefty fines or bans.

Snapchat's India strategy: With Pulkit Trivedi's appointment, Snap emphasizes the country's role in global plans amid monetization challenges.

Meta offers clients as much as $200,000 in ad credits: With a slew of new features boosting interest in its platforms, the company is incentivizing brands to experiment.

TikTok introduces Search Ads Toggle, allowing advertisers to reach high-intent users and improve RoAS: Clinique and DIBS Beauty report increased conversion rates and decreased CPA.

Olipop uses TikTok and the promise of gut health to capture Gen Z’s attention, while Crocs leans on Gen Z’s sense of nostalgia and cool collaborations. Coach reinvented itself to appeal to a younger generation of fashion consumers who want to express themselves and GU makes its US debut as Uniqlo’s little sister.

Meta to launch web version of Threads app: Amid declining user engagement, the introduction of a web version could boost user numbers and engagement.

Subtitles on the rise: Gen Z and millennial viewers are increasingly using subtitles when watching TV, influenced by social platforms like TikTok and foreign-language films.

Social users in the US will spend more than half their daily social time watching videos in 2023—up from one-third pre-pandemic. But social video’s growth is slowing, suggesting there’s a limit to the amount people want to consume daily.

Meta slow to capitalize on X’s forecast failure: Musk predicts X’s downfall amid controversies and operational missteps. Meta could act faster to seize the opportunity.