Social Media

On today's podcast episode, we discuss a user milestone for Spotify, whether it needs a rebrand, and where new growth is most likely to come from. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Daniel Konstantinovic.

YouTube is trying to close the affiliate marketing gap: TikTok and Instagram far outperform YouTube’s affiliate links. YouTube is trying to remedy the problem.

It’s investigating potential harmful effects on minors. Addictive design, privacy, and age verification face an overhaul.

Reddit's $60 million AI deal aims to monetize content before its IPO: The move sets new standards in how UGC and AI will interoperate.

European regulators open an investigation into TikTok: The app’s potential harmful impact on teens and moderation failures have raised regulator scrutiny.

Super Bowl LVIII breaks sponsorship value records, with AI analysis showing $457.4K per exposure: Highlights include Nike's dominance and State Farm's halftime win.

Meta tells advertisers not to buy ads on iOS: The company looks to build SMB allies by advising brands to avoid Apple fees.

The youngest US generation is already online and outnumbering its teen counterpart on digital video and gaming platforms.

Apple’s VR headset, the Apple Vision Pro, became available in the US on February 2. Almost immediately after, brands began announcing immersive experiences that would be available for download on the headset.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss the takeaway from Snap cutting staff, what to make of its current user total, and whether Snapchat+ can prove that there's a market for paid social features. Tune in to the discussion with our director of Briefings Jeremy Goldman and analyst Minda Smiley.

60% of US digital media professionals agree that social media is most vulnerable to ad fraud, according to a September 2023 survey from Integral Ad Science.

Influencers fail to disclose paid ads: The EU is eying tougher transparency laws at a time when influencer marketing spending is outpacing social media ad spending.

Threads' ‘Topics’ feature enhances discoverability, allows political content under guidelines: Meta adapts to user feedback, pushing it closer to X.

Last December, TikTok user Lukas Battle posted a video proclaiming that 2024 is all about loud budgeting, which encourages consumers to open up about how they spend their money and take pride in saying no to unnecessary purchases.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss whether Meta has officially turned things around, just how big Instagram has gotten, and whether Threads can turn itself into a viable X (formerly Twitter) alternative. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Jasmine Enberg and Max Willens.

X introduces BetMGM betting odds: The platform aims to become more fo a sports betting hub amid regulatory complexities.

Walgreens’ Nice! brand mango gummies went viral: An influencer’s TikTok video about the candy drove a surge in demand, offering a case study on why private label sales are soaring.

Meta and TikTok swing back at EU regulators: The social companies are objecting to fines under the Digital Services Act, setting the stage for a wider conflict.

Strategic partnerships boost Pinterest: Amazon and Google deals fuel revenue and international expansion—while MAUs nearly hit 500 million for the first time.