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Reddit looks to get its engaged audiences on advertisers’ radar: Insights director says CES is opportunity to showcase platform’s value.

TikTok is Gen Z’s No. 2 social commerce destination and is almost as popular as Facebook among millennial social buyers, per Klarna.

On today's episode, we discuss the various chapters of social media, teens' relationship with the medium, and what this tells us about its future. "In Other News," we talk about how people view companies that advertise on the current version of Twitter and sneak a peek at one of our 2023 social media trends. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Debra Aho Williamson and Jasmine Enberg.

Musk finds inner peace at Apple Park: Tim Cook invites Elon Musk for a tour of Apple’s campus and eases tension over App Store policies. But Twitter still faces regulatory challenges.

LinkedIn isn’t an ad leader, but it’s learning from others’ mistakes: A slew of new ad products highlight user-generated content and privacy initiatives.

Underage users are both an asset and huge risk for platforms: TikTok and games like Fortnite are thriving thanks to their young users, but controversy could make advertisers wary.

As some platforms lean into creators, Pinterest takes a step in the other direction: Its Creator Rewards program is no more, as of November 30.

Reddit’s CES 2023 activation for consumers is really a play for ad dollars: The “Future Tellers” installation and new research make a case that the social stalwart is an underutilized ad platform.

TikTok’s CEO tries to quiet content safety and Chinese controversies: Shou Zi Chew gave a rare interview touting the app’s answers to criticisms.

The wealthiest person vs. the most valuable company: Elon Musk is attacking Apple for ceasing advertising and threatening to pull Twitter from its App Store, setting up a monumental clash he can’t possibly win.

Twitter’s new product launches are all about performance marketing: With brands prioritizing bottom of funnel objectives, will it be enough to distract from the platform’s recent controversies?

Regulators enforce influencer marketing standards: Google and iHeartMedia face a lawsuit for radio ads in which hosts lied about using the Pixel 4 phone.

Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency, Google’s cookie deprecation, and the impending threat of regulation are challenging data collection. Trust in social platforms is declining. As consumers shy from sharing information, marketers need to meet customers where they’re comfortable. That means finding creative solutions and investing in trusted platforms.

Though year-over-year growth of social buyers is slowing slightly following a two-year surge, US social commerce sales will continue to climb through 2025. We take a look at what’s driving this growth, which platforms are emerging as leaders, and what social buyers really want.

Consumer habits are changing, and Gen Zers are a major driving force. Their shorter attention span, social buying habits, and lack of brand loyalty will push several industries to evolve—especially as Gen Z’s spending power grows. These shifts in financial services, advertising, and social make up four of our top trends for 2023.

Twitter’s latest data breach: Phone numbers, email addresses, and more for millions of Twitter users is out in the wild and could be used for phishing. The leak underscores growing vulnerabilities at Twitter.

Big Tech asks DOJ for help as SCOTUS cases loom: Tech is anxious over the future of the internet. As good faith content moderation languishes, more political polarization could ensue.

Elon Musk’s erratic tweets continue to scare away advertisers: Apple is the latest brand to halt its Twitter ad spend.

TikTok’s downgrade to about $10 billion for 2022 puts revenue estimates more in line with our own, which have TikTok at $9.89 billion in ad revenues this year, up from $3.88 billion in 2021.

Snapchat, Disney lean into AR tech to promote ‘Avatar’ film: Custom lens employs machine learning to make users resemble movie’s characters.