Financial Services

With a fresh approach to insurance sales and a modern tech stack, Toggle, a Farmers’ Insurance Company, is focused on simplifying the purchase journey. Watch Industry Voices: Spotlight on Financial Services with Toggle’s Josh LaRoche, research and marketing director, to hear how empowering policyholders has helped its parent company innovate.

The bank’s grace period feature helps customers avoid the charges and an upcoming checking account excludes them. But the bank must make up for the lost revenue.

Monzo’s free-shares incentive could give a much-needed financial boost: The UK-based neobank is partnering with Freetrade to offer free shares to customers in two of its paid tiers. Monzo really could use that subscription revenue.

BBVA’s hackathon is a low-cost exploration of new solutions: The hackathon in Mexico will feature teams working on challenges to win prizes—a fast, cheap way for the bank to generate innovative ideas.

Getsafe will use the fresh capital to expand across Europe but faces competition from fellow insurtechs also plotting expansion.

BofA’s VR branch staff training continues trend toward better customer service: VR customer interaction training will be available at all branches by YE 2022—another example of a major US bank enhancing in-person support for consumers who use branches for complex services.

Phone outage cuts trio of big banks’ customer service: A Verizon toll-free number outage affected Wells Fargo, Capital One, and TD Bank on Wednesday. App-based alternatives could reduce US customers’ reliance on call centers and mitigate the risk of future outages.

A child-centric PFM app could help NatWest influence a younger generation’s financial lives—and its unique value-add could reduce defection to proliferating switching incentives.

Sure raised $100M to help financial institutions and fintechs bolster their offerings with insurance products, and there are two reasons we think it will pick up steam.

In an exclusive Q&A with Insider Intelligence, Sathish Muthukrishnan talks about the human factor intertwined with the technology play of a digital-only bank.

Teen neobank’s grassroots marketing approach primes it for growth: Copper has brought in $13.3M in seed funding—and its strategy to prioritize word of mouth and relationships gives it a shiny future.

BofA, BMO wage boosts could improve recruitment and retention: US minimum-wage increases at both banks will lift hourly pay in October, helping them attract and retain workers in a tight job market.

After a year of strong premium growth, Ladder will seek licensing in more US states to underwrite policies without carrier partners.