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GenAI could generate between $200 billion and $340 billion (9% to 15% of banks’ operating profits) in value annually through greater productivity, per a 2023 McKinsey & Company report. But its potentially disruptive force won’t take hold in 2024.

On the first podcast episode of the new year, we discuss what buy now, pay later's (BNPL’s) prospects will look like in 2024. • In our “Story by Numbers” segment, we focus on the outlook for BNPL by looking at growth by generation. • In “Headlines,” we examine data from Adobe Analytics that states BNPL purchases were up 43% on Cyber Monday compared with the previous year, and how the rise of BNPL use over the holidays has increased consumers' debt burden. • In “For Argument’s Sake,” we debate whether BNPL promotes good or bad behavior. Listen to the podcast with host Rob Rubin and our analysts Grace Broadbent and David Morris.

The crypto-wary regulator is expected to pave the way for easier investment in Bitcoin over the next week.

The rollout will encourage consumers to make these expenses, which are valuable and steady revenue flows, through Pix

While the frequency of these payments is limited, consumers may finally be ready to modernize their bill payments

Despite the surge in AI investments, plunging venture capital funding is making it difficult for startups to raise capital, which could stifle long-term innovation.

Now they’re stressed about paying back their balances despite many macroeconomic factors improving