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European Central Bank study casts doubt on green commitments: The world’s biggest banks pledged to tackle climate change. But it hasn’t worked out as planned.

Consolidation is ramping up as the higher-rate environment proves difficult for some business models

Store card revenues fell throughout 2023, and the CFPB’s late fee cap won’t help. We look at how retailers like Target are coping

Delinquencies reached a record high in Q4 2023. Issuers’ Q1 results could indicate in how consumers will fare the rest of the year

Signs of key industrywide challenges are likely to persist in lukewarm earnings reports.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss how marketers are using GenAI, how its affecting media plans, and whether GenAI’s usefulness for advertisers will be similar to the calculator’s effect on mathematicians. "In Other News," we talk about which platforms users are paying most attention to social media ads on and Chase bank using spending data to help advertisers target folks. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Max Willens.

Deposits have rebounded since the bank collapses last March, but many banks struggle with paying out higher interest rates.

Unlike other payment players, Discover is betting that humans will still be critical to customer service going forward

This was its worst quarter since 2017 due to higher for longer interest rates and other payments uncertainties

Unlike other payment players, Discover is betting that humans will still be critical to customer service going forward

Join industry experts on Behind the Numbers: The Banking & Payments Show as we take a compelling deep dive into the world of cryptocurrencies. Explore the market's rebound, analyze EMARKETER’s predictions, and unravel the dynamics behind the soaring values. This episode brings to light the phenomenal recovery of Bitcoin, reaching an unprecedented $69,000 peak, bouncing back from 2022's dramatic downturn. Delve into the critical factors propelling cryptocurrencies to new heights and the significant role of 'halving' in sustaining this momentum. In our engaging 'Headlines' feature, we dissect the factors contributing to the resurgence of crypto values, examining the critical elements that influence market highs. The 'For Argument’s Sake' segment ignites a thought-provoking debate on the practical uses of cryptocurrencies, with a spotlight on Bitcoin. Expert analysts, Grace Broadbent, and Tyler Van Dyke, join host, Rob Rubin, to offer their insights into the currency's real-world applications. Key Insights: - Cryptocurrencies are witnessing a remarkable revival, with Bitcoin leading the charge by hitting an all-time high. - Market analysts and enthusiasts are keenly observing the impact of 'halving' events on cryptocurrency values. - A detailed analysis of the utility and real-world application of cryptocurrencies fuels a spirited debate, underlining the digital currency's role in the current financial landscape.

Governments and tech giants allocate billions to AI, raising concerns over dwindling startup funding and innovation in non-AI sectors.

The ICBA alleges Navy Federal’s co-branded military program blurs the lines between banks and credit unions.

This can make it a more attractive network for issuers to partner with, given credit card rewards can make or break customer retention

Despite its impressive growth, the US still falls far behind other major economies in terms of consumer adoption of RTP