Financial Services

Banks, FIs, and fintechs must work together to quickly identify scams and to build stronger preventative controls.

The agency is reviewing its current rules, but it’s already said banks should expect changes to capital reserve mandates.

It claims fintechs didn’t implement proper controls. But fintechs say that even under pressure, they followed the SBA guidelines.

The firm introduced a crypto payments onramp to facilitate purchases for web3 platforms despite recent crypto turmoil.

On today’s episode, we turn our attention to fintech regulation. Jason Mikula, publisher of Fintech Business Weekly and managing director at 312 Global Strategies BV, a consulting firm focused on financial services product strategy, talks about the challenges banking as a service (BaaS) providers and their partners face as regulators pay more attention to banks’ relationships with third parties. We also ask Mikula to take the role of "Pretend CCO" at a fintech company as he lays out his top priorities for 2023 given potentially new regulatory scrutiny. Listen to the discussion with our host Rob Rubin.