The neobank launched its BNPL product in Ireland ahead of a wider continental rollout.

On today's episode, we discuss how TV has transformed brands and how marketers should be thinking about investing in linear versus streaming in 2022. "In Other News," we talk about the significance of cryptocurrency companies pulling back on marketing spend and why some think Roku is abusing its power. Tune in to the discussion with founder and CEO of Marketing Architects Chuck Hengel and our analyst Ross Benes.

Even rising prices can’t separate consumers from their brew of choice: Premium beer brands are seeing resiliency as shoppers trade down in other categories.

When it comes to courting younger consumers, NFTs (fire)work: At least that’s what Macy’s is hoping for with its Fourth of July campaign.

Gigafactories = ‘gigantic money furnaces’: Supply chain disruptions grind Tesla’s new factories to a near halt. Even when things come back online, the mineral shortage will still be a scourge.

Ro is the latest startup to lay off a large chunk of its employee base amid economic uncertainty and fewer VC funding hauls.

The rise of mobile shopping gives retailers a reason to invest in AR: Walmart, Ikea, and others make incremental improvements to the mcommerce experience to boost consumer confidence.

Think ByteDance is just TikTok? Think again: The Chinese tech giant is aiming to make inroads into the mobile gaming market, particularly in the US.

NBCU is stepping up its measurement game: The media giant is creating a new certification for emotion and ad quality.

The more bots the better? Deploying more robots at Amazon warehouses could close the labor gap. Happier employees working alongside bots with the latest software could also help.