On today's episode, we discuss how the delta variant has affected people's comfort levels doing various activities, what customers want retailers to do in response, and what Americans aren't willing to give up. We then talk about the COVID consumer trend most likely to stick, how brands advertise during tragedy, and what the short- (and long-) term future of events might be. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Jeremy Goldman.

The popularity of news content on social media is on the decline: News consumption on social media is going down as changes forced by regulators begin to take effect.

Chase’s UK debut includes 12-month sweeteners for customers: The US banking giant is offering customers in its new market cash incentives tied to debit-card transactions. Their lengthy availability and the lack of the usual strings attached could be a recipe for success.

The payment giant’s app overhaul could set it up for substantial cross-promotion possibilities, which can grow payment volume and create a more loyal user base.

U.S. Bank steps up closer to a bigger tier with MUFG Union Bank deal: Under a deal worth about $8 billion, the super regional player will boost its assets by 19% and get a large West Coast customer base. With the added heft, it’s nearing mega bank territory.

Instacart's latest labor dispute highlights the gig economy's post-pandemic woes: Workers are asking users to boycott the app with #DeleteInstacart.

Irish privacy regulators want to know if Facebook’s pinpoint-sized white light is a sufficient indicator to alert bystanders that smart glasses wearers are recording photos and video.

Cable is getting in on the CTV rush: Comcast is planning to launch its own line of CTVs to attract cord-cutters and advertisers alike.

Roku is helping Shopify merchants deploy CTV ad campaigns: The move will increase the total addressable market of Roku’s ad platform, while also increasing accessibility for SMBs.

The company’s recent updates rolled out a slew of new features, but some of the most anticipated new tools won’t come arrive for months