Most gamers play on their phone: Mobile gaming is now a commonplace behavior that has likely accelerated during the pandemic and is here to stay.

New performance options on CTV campaigns: Roku expanded its Measurement Partner Program, integrating metrics like app installs, store visits, and products sales to its advertising platform.

Google’s secret anti-competitive project revealed: New court documents show that Google gave itself preference in its ad exchange, confirming long-held suspicions that the tech giant was running a monopoly.

The social audio craze continues: Reddit is the latest platform reportedly considering the rollout of Clubhouse-like audio features.

eMarketer is pleased to moderate a Tech-Talk Webinar featuring Salesforce Datorama's Emily Hoffman, product marketing manager. She will discuss how marketers can create data-driven transformation across their organizations by centering around holistic customer views, marketing performance data, and a continuous optimization mindset.

Affiliate commerce isn’t new for many publishers, nor is it for marketers. But more content publishers are entering the affiliate space, creating new opportunities for performance marketers to reach high-quality audiences through high-quality content. Meanwhile, the affiliate model itself is evolving. Some affiliate networks now offer marketers more ways to attribute sales to multiple publisher touchpoints along the path to purchase.