Privacy violations expose questions about data security in IoT devices and could lead to stricter regulations and potential impact on targeted advertising strategies.

California’s publisher bill could start a wave of state-level Big Tech challenges: Facebook has threatened to pull the plug on news content in response.

Disney reaches its goal of 7,000 job cuts: The entertainment giant has entered a complicated period with slow streaming growth and battles in Florida.

Lululemon’s sales grew 24% in Q1 as demand for premium athleisure stays strong: That same dynamic helped brands like On Running, Hoka, and Vuori record significant growth.

Google and Amazon play tug of war over startup Runway: AI is intensifying cloud wars as startups offer growth potential. Blinders to everything but AI could be an industry pitfall.

OpenAI takes on ChatGPT’s ‘hallucinations’: Broader issues of inappropriate AI use cases and bots’ failure to understand human complexity will continue to pose challenges for AI companies.

Monzo and Chip claim profitability, but UK conditions make their future outlook uncertain.

Most CU deposits are held by older generations. Here’s how CUs can appeal to a younger crowd.

They prefer smaller banks with good customer service. Regional banks’ lack of communication during a crisis is a lesson in what not to do.

The partnership opens up the provider to a massive merchant network, which can help it add users and grow volume.

Nvidia and WPPs groundbreaking AI partnership will mean fewer jobs: The impressive tech will give advertisers enormous flexibility but by their own admission will result in job cuts.

Twitter's valuation takes a tumble: Linda Yaccarino faces challenges as new CEO amid falling revenues and reputation damage.

Another TikTok data controversy: App’s storing of major influencers' sensitive financial data on Chinese servers contradicts CEO's previous claims.

China’s example would suggest that retail media has enormous headroom for growth in the US. Companies like Amazon have been growing their ad revenues by leaps and bounds, and yet ecommerce channel ad spending will still only represent 14.6% of the US digital ad market this year. In China, the share will be 38.1%.

Ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) services will gain more than triple the US viewers that subscription OTT video will this year, per our forecast. AVOD will add 13.3 million viewers, including 4.3 million from free premium platforms, for a total of 157.1 million. Meanwhile, subscription OTT services will gain 4.3 million viewers to reach 222.2 million.

The US LGBTQ+ community is young, diverse, and growing. In four charts, we explain the demographic makeup, buying preferences, and media usage of this rising community.

Dollar General cut its full-year same-store sales and profit forecasts: The move dovetails with Dollar Tree and other discount retailers seeing lower-income consumers pull back on discretionary spending.

Macy’s and Nordstrom brace for softer sales as discretionary spending weakens: Beauty and off-price were bright spots during an otherwise challenging Q1.