All eyes have been on streaming at this year’s upfronts. Sports are moving to digital, new (and old) trends are emerging for ad buying and delivery, and political advertising has been surprisingly quiet. Here are four themes that stood out this upfronts season.

Most subscription streaming services offer ad-free and ad-supported plans. After Amazon Prime Video introduced its ad plan in January, Apple TV+ became the biggest advertising holdout among streamers. Advertising holdouts have gradually accepted commercial breaks in their programming.

OpenAI loses key superalignment researchers: Upheaval at the genAI startup raises questions about safety and governance—pointing to Big Tech’s advantages in the AI race

Big Tech bleeds talent over RTO policies: A study found that senior employees left for competitors with more flexible policies, potentially impacting AI era productivity and innovation.

Disney, Fox, and WBD unveil Venu Sports: New streaming service still has hurdles to overcome before fall 2024 debut.

How are consumers adapting to digital dining tools designed to make ordering and delivery more convenient? Are they embracing restaurant apps, delivery platforms, and digital ordering kiosks?

On today's podcast episode, we discuss whether we can believe an improved economic outlook, why the US ad market is experiencing such a sustained period of growth, and whether it can last. "In Other News," we talk about which of Amazon's three new shoppable video ad formats is most interesting and how many Americans have an ad blocker (and a surprising reason why). Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Yory Wurmser.

Nearly six in 10 retail marketers worldwide say that performance-driven paid media is the most critical advertising capabilities and media investments, according to November 2023 data from TechValidate and Mediaocean.

With third-party cookies facing deprecation, advertisers will need to get creative to reach target customers. “To me, the absence of cookies doesn't mean absence of audience targeting,” said Vitaly Pecherskiy, co-founder and CEO of StackAdapt, on the Outlook and Strategies for 2024's Second Half EMARKETER summit. “You can have the world's best targeting, reach the right user at the right time [on the] right device, but if the ad is actually not good, it can probably do more bad than good,” he added.

OpenAI and Google push AI from browsers to devices with new multimodal capabilities, speeding up mainstream adoption. Smaller players will need partnerships to maintain mainstream relevance.

A flurry of product and services launches will help Visa stay competitive and diversify away from swipe fee revenues

The network is betting on the long-term future of the technology in financial services and wants an early-mover advantage as it grows

Walmart’s market share gains continued in Q1 as the retailer emphasizes value and convenience: The company continues to draw in more high-income shoppers, while its advertising and marketplace offerings boost revenues.

Meta faces a global wave of regulatory scrutiny: The European Commission is investigating its platforms’ addictive qualities, likely spelling trouble for the giant.

Consumer groups accuse Temu of breaching the EU’s Digital Services Act: A complaint alleges that the retailer uses “manipulative techniques” to boost spending and fails to provide adequate product safety information.

GoodRx inks direct contracting agreement with Kroger: Investors should be happy with GoodRx’s redefined approach to drug pricing and pharma partnerships.

LG bets on home healthcare: But the company may struggle to capture market share from entrenched home health rivals like Best Buy Health and Samsung.

Transcarent to release healthcare AI chatbot: We unpack the utility the GPT-4-powered tool could hold for patients and give our take on why the lauded chat-based virtual care revolution is overblown.