Snap believes AR can transform the online shopping experience: Our principal analyst spoke with the company’s global AR product strategy lead about how Snap is helping brands increase conversions and reduce returns.

Cloudflare sneezes and takes down half the internet: A server policy change downed apps, websites, and crypto services for hours, exposing the fragility of relying on a centralized network infrastructure.

Tech is burning: After the tech industry’s long heyday, it’s undergoing a painful inflection point marked by economic uncertainty and friction between workers and bosses. Innovation is at risk.

An impossible way to mine: An ocean mining startup is proposing a more environmentally friendly way to mine for EV battery minerals. But more vetting is needed before deployment.

End of a web surfing era: Internet Explorer’s retirement triggered nostalgia but also panic. With half of Japanese organizations still using it, Microsoft has an opportunity to get them to Edge.

On today's episode, we discuss why Zelle (and person-to-person payment apps) are in hot water, which service most Americans use, and how we'll be paying for things in 2026. "In Other News," we talk about the current state of the cryptocurrency crash and the impact Apple Pay Later will have on the buy now, pay later space. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Jaime Toplin and Adriana Nunez.

Chinese consumers are slow to return to pre-pandemic spending patterns: Economic pressure and the ever-present threat of lockdowns are causing shoppers to focus on necessities.

These FIs serve mostly Boomers and Gen Xers. Developing a strong digital customer experience could woo younger generations still searching for their primary FI.

Streamers poised to take greater share in US upfront market: Advertising dollars will flow to services such as Hulu, Peacock, Roku, and YouTube TV.

To make an Upfront commitment is to make a bet—a bet that buying inventory ahead of time is worth the discount and that buying closer to when ads run is not worth the premium. It’s a better bet to grab ad space now in case it runs out later.

An infographic guide for marketers looking to understand today’s retail market

Apple store union could energize tech and retail organizing: Organizers hope the successful vote will bolster the push to organize workers within tech and retail, mirroring successes at Starbucks.