Spotify’s grip on audio streaming is under threat: The company’s podcast acquisitions have failed to attract younger listeners.

Europe’s aging population could kickstart automation transformation by 2040: Robots can do the job but they aren’t going to pay taxes.

Data scarcity will still hinder ESG strategies—so fintechs that can help asset managers access more information stand to profit.

Is the Banning Surveillance Advertising Act a threat? Even if the US bill to limit targeted ads doesn’t pass, its introduction signals a legislative landscape that favors privacy more than ever.

Wayfair will open physical stores for its brands starting this year: The offline push follows a path well paved by other digitally native brands.

Capital One will take over BJ’s portfolio from ADS, and JPMorgan will work with Instacart on a credit card program.

On today's episode, we discuss which brands are emerging as key players in the metaverse race, how Apple could make its mark, why Disney's intellectual property (IP) makes it a heavyweight in this space, how Nike is positioning itself, and more. We then talk about what to expect from cashierless technology in 2022 and how a new breed of remote workers has changed shopping. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Andrew Lipsman.

US banking trade groups want the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to pause its planned crackdown on the fees, arguing it could lead to overdue bills.

The end of YouTube Originals marks a turning point: The division never produced a hit for the platform and was shut down following an executive departure.

SoFi can call itself a bank: A charter from the OCC—which SoFi has pursued through its acquisition of a community bank—will give it greater control over interest rates and help improve digital trust with prospects.

Big incumbent banks get fintech’s support to drive on-trend personalization: Israel-based Peronetics landed $85M to provide banks with AI-powered solutions to target their customers.

Close to 75% US marketers will tap influencers for campaigns this year, up about 5 percentage points from 2021.

Turnkey telehealth solutions are becoming future of virtual care: Wheel scored $150 million to grow its plug-and-play telehealth platform. We detail who Wheel is and why it could succeed.