Volvo takes the self-driving road less traveled: The automaker’s use of experimental physics could help make AVs road ready. For now, the industry could protect stock values with honesty.

Healthcare organizations, prepare for more cyberattacks: On the back of Hive’s shutdown, we recap what we saw in 2022, and highlight what to watch out for in 2023.

Kroger Health jumps into clinical trials: The grocery giant beefs up its healthcare offerings, though it’s late to the game against rivals CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart.

The future of telemedicine and RPM: What our new forecasts tell us about consumer adoption of telemedicine and RPM in the future.

TikTok steps up its PR in the US capital: It’s hard for a Chinese company to make friends on the Hill, but it won’t be for lack of trying.

Nielsen’s digital era begins: The longtime measurement giant announced the launch date for part of its Nielsen ONE platform just as its competitors are heating up.

Luxury remains a retail bright spot: LVMH reported record revenues and profit growth in 2022, while China’s reopening is expected to give designer brands a big boost in 2023.

Thousands more laid off: While most Big Tech companies have been forced to cut staff following pandemic-era hiring sprees, we’re now seeing large companies shed headcount to simply weather economic headwinds.

Troubling signs in the smartphone space: Smartphone shipments drop to the lowest level in a decade. Innovation has stagnated, foldables have failed to take off, and the market for 5G handsets has reached saturation.

Microsoft aims to claim king of Big Tech status: The tech giant’s revenue miss helped pull down cloud sector shares. Its big bet on AI could become a cautionary tale.

Community banks and credit unions are spending their tech budgets on fintech solutions that improve their operational efficiency.

The Sharia-compliant digital bank wants to build trust with customers face-to-face.

It fined NY-based Popular Bank for knowingly issuing six fraudulent loans as part of the program.

The feature lets customers view their 2022 spending patterns and suggests ways to improve financial habits in the new year.

Picture this—Instagram to refocus on photos: Platform says it will better number of images and videos shown in feeds.

Shutterstock jumps on AI bandwagon with generative image tool: But considering investment in the technology, it maybecome table stakes faster than anyone predicted.

Could iffy payouts cause creators to leave TikTok? The platform’s much-hyped revenue-sharing program is giving shockingly low payouts, but strong viewer growth makes a migration unlikely.