After explosive user growth in 2019 and 2020, TikTok will reach a pivotal milestone with respect to its youngest users. By the end of this year, the video app will have a larger number of Gen Z users in the US than that of Instagram. And it will surpass Snapchat in terms of total users by 2023, according to our latest social user forecast.

Join us as Ethan Heftman, senior vice president, advanced advertising and digital sales of A+E Networks, discusses these industry trends and more with Geoff Ramsey, co-founder of eMarketer and chief evangelist of Insider Intelligence.

On today's episode, we discuss the most interesting aspects of Amazon's Q1 results, including whether it's losing in groceries, shoppers who may never go back into stores, and how local businesses are fighting back against Amazon in Canada. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer director of forecasting Cindy Liu and analyst at Insider Intelligence Daniel Keyes.

Competition in the online grocery market: A leaked Walmart memo shows that the company is quickly losing ground in the online grocery market to Instacart.

Following Elon Musk’s highly anticipated “SNL” hosting gig over the weekend, we dive into the reasons for the volatile crypto’s rise in popularity and its impact on online brokerage apps.

Revolut reportedly eyes Dogecoin support: The UK-based neobank could capitalize on a recent publicity wave by adding Dogecoin to its crypto trading platform, though it would introduce regulatory and infrastructure risks.

Simple customers met with turbulent switch to BBVA USA: The shuttered neobank’s users faced lockouts as their accounts migrated over the weekend to sister bank BBVA USA—giving competitors an opening to attract affected customers.

Health insurers steer into the social determinants fast lane: Clover Health tapped ride-hailing app Roundtrip to improve access to transportation needs for its Medicare Advantage members—it’s joining a rank of other healthcare platers boosting transportation benefits

Google versus Roku continued: Following the removal of the YouTube TV app from Roku's Channel Store, Google has added the service to the main YouTube app.

Before the pandemic, linear addressable TV ad spending was soaring in the US, with annual growth rates of 50.7% in 2018 and 36.5% in 2019. But that spending increased by just 7.3% in 2020, amid advertising budget cuts in the TV industry.