Is exclusivity or access more important for streamers? HBO is testing the long-held theory by releasing the premiere of a hit show on YouTube for free.

This year, both the number of smartphone QR scanners and the number of augmented reality (AR) users will grow in the US, reaching 94.1 million and 97.1 million, respectively, according to our “Mobile Trends to Watch for 2023” report. Growth is expected to continue through 2025.

H&M barely made a profit in Q4: Cost pressures and a strong dollar continue to weigh on the retailer’s bottom line, setting up a difficult 2023.

Intel’s comeback hits a snag: One of the first technology companies to resort to layoffs and restructuring last year is bracing for billions of dollars in losses and a longer runway to recovery.

Dazzled, dazed, and confused by ChatGPT: Its creators were unsure about releasing a technology they’re now warning about as adoption skyrockets. Legislators respond to alarm bells with mixed messages.

Google’s innovation factory powers down: Area 120 was gutted during the tech giant’s recent layoff round. With a streamlined focus on revenue and AI, remaining projects could be the last.

Peacock helps Comcast stave off a weak Q4: Strong growth for the streamer comes as competition heats up.

Three fintechs that specialize in anti-money laundering controls—including one powered by AI—caught investors’ eyes amid regulatory crackdowns.

To avoid more record fines from regulators, the bank reprimanded employees who were using the unapproved platform .

Online banking, mobile banking, and customer service were their top reasons for switching accounts in Q3 2022. Then they set a record in Q4.

The card network’s gross payment volume increased 8% YoY during Q4, but it anticipates a slowdown in revenue growth this quarter.

Search ads and retail media to aid Western Europe advertisers: Economic uncertainty to bolster use of ad channels that can deliver solid returns in 2023.

Twitter's advertiser revolt makes it need India more than before: The company gets flak for caving to censorship demands.

On today’s episode, host Bill Fisher is joined by our analysts Paul Briggs, Carina Perkins, and Man-Chung Cheung to talk about the biggest retail, advertising, and social media trends they expect to see in their regions in 2023.

Nearly 50% of social network users in Thailand will be TikTok users, giving the country the highest TikTok penetration in the world, according to our forecast. The US will rank second, with 45.3% of its social users on TikTok. We expect penetration in the US will be as high as 49.1% by the end of 2026.

We expect retail sales growth to slow to 2.9% this year: That pullback in spending is leading retailers to cut staff to protect their bottom lines.

Nearly 80% of the world’s internet users are on social media. This landscape is still dominated by Meta in most markets, but use and ad spend is shifting away from Facebook and toward TikTok. Here are five charts capturing the worldwide state of social.