Meta makes multiple moves: It won’t take cuts of creator revenues through 2024, and will look to digital avatars as a new revenue stream from brands.

Luxury brands aren’t worried about inflation: Despite turbulent market conditions and global uncertainty, a new report by Bain estimates luxury sales will grow between 5% and 15% this year.

AVs have surveillance potential: Chinese officials’ recent restrictions on Teslas are just a fraction of more widespread concerns about vehicle digital privacy. Regulators and automakers should preemptively take action.

Earth gets a checkup from microsatellites: Startup Pixxel’s digital twin of Earth could yield unprecedented environmental intelligence. But the tech’s benefit will depend on who’s using it.

On today's episode, we discuss the actual viability of the sharing economy: What should we make of Uber's diversification efforts and are Airbnb's latest changes enough to power the company up and to the right? "In Other News," we talk about the travel industry's optimism in the face of inflation and ad spending's positive outlook in the face of recessionary fears. Tune in to the discussion with our Briefings director Jeremy Goldman.

The travel industry looks forward to a summer rebound: Will they get it, though?

On today's episode, in our "Retail Me This, Retail Me That" segment, we discuss what the circular retail economy looks like, who resale shoppers are, and why companies own their own resale markets. Then for "Pop-Up Rankings," we rank the top five most innovative brands in circular retail. Join our analyst Sara Lebow as she hosts analysts Sky Canaves and Suzy Davidkhanian.

GoCardless and Clear Books launched open banking-powered payment solutions that can help speed up the payment process and minimize card fees.

Among major streaming video platforms, Peacock is the one where US subscribers are most likely to have the ad-supported version. Just 20% of Peacock subscribers shell out for the ad-free tier.

Harrods delays its summer sale due to supply chain challenges: Logistics continues to challenge retailers, even as the Asia supply chain shows signs of healing.

When it comes to loyalty programs, 61% of consumers worldwide would use them more if rewards were applied automatically. More than half would be tempted if they could use rewards across multiple brands, personalize their rewards, or track their points easily.

Watch the on-demand replay of our webinar, The Era of Uncertainty, as our analysts address key questions about the rapidly shifting landscape for social media, retail and ecommerce, and financial services.

B2B content marketers rely on campaigns, plans, and calendars—but none of these equate to a marketing strategy. Simply producing more content can affect the quality and dilute messaging, draining overall value.

Kellogg looks to snacks for growth: The CPG company will spin off its weaker cereal and plant-based divisions into separate entities to increase profits and return value to shareholders.

That counters Medicare, which has seen drug prices increase more rapidly than inflation—and patients can’t keep up.