Mobile games to stop targeting ads to kids: Some major developers and ad tech companies will need to stop tracking children under 13 after settling a lawsuit, limiting their targeting abilities.

Nearly half of US social media users have bought something via social platforms: Facebook and Instagram were clear favorites, but most social networks have been ramping up shopping capabilities.

Apple plans to roll out a major update to iOS this spring, requiring an opt-in before apps can track users across channels. "Behind the Numbers" host Marcus Johnson turns the tables on eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Nicole Perrin to ask about the latest research on AppTrackingTransparency opt-ins, the China Advertising ID (CAID), and how advertisers are preparing.

The duopoly’s share of EU-5 digital ad markets is still increasing: However, shifting regulatory tides worldwide could have longer-term implications for market share down the road.

Context isn’t king: Privacy changes will radically alter marketers’ ability to track and target users. Contextual advertising companies are popping up with alternatives, but marketers are more interested in first-party data solutions.

The excitement over social audio is palpable, judging by the number of companies building out apps or features to support it, and by the number of news reports and opinion columns covering it (our own “Clubhouse and Social Audio 2021” report included). But any marketer that’s active in social media should weigh the drawbacks of entering social audio right now. Here are some key issues to consider before jumping on board.