Fears of 5G flight interference intensify in East Coast winter storms: 5G could affect low-visibility landings during inclement weather, leading to delays and cancellations.

Retail ventures into the metaverse: Sentiment at annual industry show suggests the metaverse may already be too big to fail.

Marketers prefer TikTok to YouTube for influencer marketing: While YouTube struggles to catch up to its competitors, TikTok is yet to reach its full potential.

Instagram introduces subscriptions as it vies for control of the creator economy: As Instagram’s cachet diminishes among younger audiences, it hopes monetization tools will keep creators from turning to other platforms.

On today's episode, we discuss the most important trends shaping the future of shopping, whether gifting experiences can catch up with physical goods, the best return policies, the "empty promise" of instant delivery, Taco Bell's subscription service, an unpopular opinion about Netflix prices, who invented Monopoly, and more. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst Suzy Davidkhanian, director of forecasting Oscar Orozco, and director of reports editing at Insider Intelligence Rahul Chadha.

Revolut’s increasing breadth edges it closer to US super-app status: The UK-based neobank’s latest addition is no-commission access to stocks and exchange traded funds (ETFs) for stateside customers.

Google hired former PayPal exec Arnold Goldberg to lead its payments division following last year’s struggles with employee turnover within payments.

H&R Block spruces up its product suite with neobank foray: The tax-prep company’s product includes a feature that allocates tax refunds to savings goals. Its convenience could help with uptake—even though its other features are available elsewhere.

DeFi industry must do more self-policing until regulation arrives: Theft from DeFi platforms increased 1,330% in 2021—and the SEC is looking at pseudonymity and opacity as major problems to solve.

The tie-up with a fintech specializing in identity verification and compliance solutions helps the open-banking provider stay ahead of regulatory action that will reduce its product differentiation.

New forecast looks at use of social media platforms for influencer marketing: Instagram will continue to gain ground, while Twitter and Snapchat play catch-up.

Marketers saw the potential of location data early and remain major users of it. But applications are expanding beyond marketing.

Snapchat’s user base in the region grew almost 70% in 2021, to 107 million, compared with just 3.4% in North America.

The majority of US social buyers still order from retailer websites, rather than directly on social platforms. In December, 61.5% said they made their most recent social commerce purchase on the retailer’s site, while 38.5% reported doing so through the social network’s checkout feature.

Insider Intelligence spoke with Lindsay McCormick, founder and CEO of Bite, a direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand founded to help consumers decrease plastic use in their personal care routines, starting with a plastic-free toothpaste before expanding into other products like deodorant.

Lyra Health is eyeing the global telemental health benefits stage: On the back of its$235M haul and ICAS World acquisition, we look into why the mental health benefits market is booming, and how that’ll heat up competition for Lyra.