On today's special podcast episode, we continue our monthly show where we discuss the biggest trends of the moment and the newest research, sprinkle in some analysis, and bundle it up into a quiz. Every month, three of our analysts representing their respective coverage area teams compete against each other. (We also encourage you to play along at home.) We keep a running score and will crown a winning team at the end of the year. Today, we cover retail media network investment and experimentation, the generative AI (genAI) bubble, and Google's dominance. Tune in to the discussion with this month's contestants: our vice president of content Suzy Davidkhanian, analyst Evelyn Mitchell-Wolf, and vice president of Briefings Stephanie Taglianetti.

Google’s Search loophole leads to illegal ads on major websites: Drug and gun ads on websites like the FDA and UN add to a series of the tech giant’s recent missteps.

Delta walks back its frequent flyer program changes: The airline endured swift backlash after it made it harder for customers to earn elite status and access airport lounges.

It stopped indirect auto lending to focus on more profitable products, mirroring an industrywide shift amid higher interest and loan delinquency rates

During a national deposit slowdown, its media strategy leverages the bank’s prominence in Pittsburgh's financial services landscape to increase customers’ confidence. Read online

FCA gives overseas firms final warning about new crypto promotion rules: And it’s getting annoyed that a lot of them are ignoring it, perhaps due to skepticism about enforcement.

On today's podcast episode, in our "Retail Me This, Retail Me That" segment, we discuss what’s important in a good omnichannel experience, where in-store retail media is headed, and how stores can tailor experiential and experimental tech to build a more robust customer profile. Then, for "Pop-Up Rankings," we rank two retailers that are doing store digitization well and two that could possibly use a bit of work. Join our analyst Sara Lebow as she hosts analysts Arielle Feger and Zak Stambor.

Key stat: 92% of local marketing and SEO professionals worldwide experimented most with ChatGPT in their work in July 2023, according to an August survey by SurveyMonkey.

Whether consumers prioritize trust, data protection, or convenience depends on their credit scores, underscoring the need for financial institutions to combine these elements and target their marketing efforts.

All year, it’s built out services to create an all-in-one offering for retailers, restaurants, and the beauty sector

They are rising at the fastest rate in 30 years, excluding the Great Financial Crisis. It’s creating a headache for issuers and consumers

The change would make it harder for users to add money to their accounts. The firm is pushing back to save its massive user base

Meta’s AI chatbots catch flak before even launching: The company is expected to announce the feature to attract young users, but early signs aren’t great.

YouTube follows Netflix and shutters cheap, ad-free plan: YouTube Premium Lite, a Europe-only service, will shut down on October 25.

With attention metrics, advertisers can measure how long a person views an ad, what actions they took during that period of time, and how they felt or thought about it both while it was happening and after. To collect and measure consumer attention, marketers can use biometric data, attention-based data signals like dwell time or scroll speed, and cognitive or emotional feedback.

Mall traffic fell in August despite back-to-school shopping: But dwell times rose as more shopping centers lean into experiential offerings.

Retail shrink accounted for $112.1 billion in losses last year: Target alone is expected to take a $500 million hit this year, which is driving it to close nine stores.

As brands look for innovative ways to keep customers engaged with their loyalty programs, they are shifting their focus from just offering incentives and rewards to generating real relationships with customers based on what they actually want and need, said a speaker during a recent Tech Talk Webinar. Here are three ways that brands can put the customers at the heart of their loyalty program in order to create long-lasting connections.

Uber Eats and Getir join arms in Europe: The partnership aims to help the companies navigate increasingly choppy grocery delivery waters.