Red Lobster files for bankruptcy after disastrous Endless Shrimp promotion: The company is closing restaurants and pulling back on promotions as it tries to turn its business around.

Gen Z spends significantly on beauty products online while favoring in-store shopping for apparel. For groceries, this tech-savvy generation relies heavily on search engines and social media to discover new products. Additionally, the trend toward low- and no-alcohol beverages is gaining momentum, as many Gen Zers embrace initiatives like Dry January.

Middleware providers are adjusting their scope and services to meet a narrowing demand as the industry reacts.

Nearly three-quarters (72%) of retail marketers worldwide plan to increase their advertising spend on social platforms, according to a November 2023 survey by TechValidate as reported by Mediaocean.

The (again delayed) deprecation of third-party cookies and Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency initiative have fueled an imperative for brands and retailers to home in on proprietary first-party and zero-party data.

The court’s decision will also likely help the agency as it ramps up other regulatory efforts in areas like open banking and AI

Tiktok tests 60-minute video uploads: The platform signals a shift towards longer, horizontal content similar to YouTube.

As banks retreat from commercial real estate exposure, opportunistic financial firms are buying up their loans—banking on the industry’s turnaround.

Retailers are cautiously optimistic as they look ahead to the holiday season: Imports are expected to be slightly higher YoY as companies bring in more mid-priced items.

The publishing industry reacts to Google’s AI overviews: AI-generated answers now claim the top spot on search results, reducing third-party traffic significantly.

China’s dismal housing market weighs heavily on consumer spending: Shoppers are keeping their spending close to the vest as most of their household wealth is tied up in real estate.

Beauty brands have long ignored Gen X consumers: But that’s starting to change as emerging beauty brands U Beauty, Jones Road, and Beautystat address “advanced skin” concerns.

McDonald’s embraces “grandmacore”: The company’s limited-time “Grandma McFlurry” aims to recapture the success of last summer’s Grimace shake.

Patients with health conditions want to learn about their medication options: We explore how pharma brands and marketers can better position themselves as patient educators.

Uber steers into the caregiver space: Uber’s newest feature could help patients and insurers alike. But there are a few factors that could prevent Uber Caregiver from reaching its full potential.

Healthcare leaders applaud Ascension’s cyberattack response: A healthcare organization’s reaction to a cyberattack can make all the difference when it comes to reputation.

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