Android’s fragmentation breeds vulnerability: Millions of devices from Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, MediaTek, szroco, and Revoview have had security keys leaked—leaving all the data available to attackers.

Veterans Affairs wants to be ‘best place’ for laid-off tech workers: Tech layoffs increased in November, but other sectors have a window of opportunity to scoop them up.

Some banks’ worst-case scenarios are others’ base cases—meaning some banks might be too optimistic.

UK consumers demanding support for rising costs from banks can leverage financial health and budgeting tools.

Not all discount retailers are benefiting from economic uncertainty: Big Lots’ sales fell 9.8% in Q3, Five Below’s earnings dipped 32%, and Dollar General missed expectations.

Weixin users can receive remittances from Tencent’s global partners directly to their wallets.

Retailers reassess supply chains as consumer demand softens: As lead times shorten, companies have to decide whether it’s worth returning to a “just-in-time” strategy to avoid inventory pileups.

Search proves its worth on Black Friday: Search ad spending grew steadily and drove strong results during the event despite a year of ad troubles.

The third quarter was a hard one for many US retailers, as inflation, supply chain strain, and more normalized post-pandemic consumer behaviors set in. We checked up on five major retailers on our “Behind the Numbers: Reimagining Retail” podcast to get a nuanced take on who took a hit in the short term and what our experts expect looking further out.

Now that the dust has settled from this year’s record-breaking Cyber Five (the five days between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday), it’s time to see how the industry’s advertising efforts shook out, according to new research from Tinuiti.

The share of online purchases that shoppers return keeps rising: That’s a growing challenge for retailers seeking to rein in costs without hindering the customer experience.

LinkedIn isn’t an ad leader, but it’s learning from others’ mistakes: A slew of new ad products highlight user-generated content and privacy initiatives.

Weak medical device security leads to patient harm: New survey data reveals just how laggard health systems are with protecting their medical devices. What will it take to improve?

AI tool can predict diabetes in 12 hours: We look at Klick Applied Sciences’ diagnostic tool that can screen for prediabetes in hours rather than days.

Good Measures launches prescription food delivery powered by Instacart: We unpack how health systems, health plans, and grocers are getting behind the food as medicine trend.

US chip production accelerated by uncertainty in China: TSMC is fast-tracking plans to ramp up to 4-nanometer chips and will build an additional fab in Arizona. The tech gap between the US and China widens.