On today's episode, we discuss why CMO tenure is falling, what is keeping them up at night, what they should cut back on, and more. We then talk about the best ways to reach and engage with B2B decision-makers and just how right the customer is these days. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Dave Frankland.

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands face significant challenges in 2022: A survey by Diffusion highlights changes in consumer priorities amid supply chain snafus.

US branch closures soar to 2021 record: S&P Global Market Intelligence’s data shows that closures were up 38% from the previous record set in 2020. But some banks are instead choosing to rethink their concepts for branches.

Why Amazon keeps experimenting with physical stores: While offline sales represent a tiny fraction of its overall sales, Amazon has plenty to gain by venturing into the real world.

It’s already made crypto-payments-focused partnerships, and an exec said it’s looking at crypto. Or maybe it’s more about the metaverse.

The consumer protection watchdog is looking into the major players’ business practices and their effects on consumer credit access.

A new paper by the Fed outlines how banks can adapt to the creation of a US central bank digital currency (CBDC). Bank stablecoins could complement it, but standalone issuers would face trouble.

U.S. Bank joins its peers pruning overdraft exposure: Changes include an increase in the amount exempt from overdraft fees, plus a one-day grace period. Lowering overdraft-fee risk is now the norm among the largest US players.

Peloton faces an uphill battle as it struggles with weak demand: New reports paint a picture of a company in crisis, making an acquisition attempt likely.

Ohio manufacturing site could turn the tide for Intel: The new location will employ 3,000 and could inspire other chip manufacturers to jump on local government incentives and cheap land.

Could Google be planning a mixed-reality platform? There are reports of a new AR headset in the works, but the supporting platform and intended use case are still a mystery.

NBCUniversal reduced Winter Olympics ratings expectations: Its broadcast strategy is changing after last year’s tepid Summer Games.

Of the small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the US that accept cryptocurrency, 93% take payments in Bitcoin, making it the most commonly accepted crypto.