We round up how some large financial institutions are currently testing AI for front- and back-office functions.

American Express and JPMorgan brands make gains: The annual Axios Harris Poll gauging the reputations of the most visible brands in America showed both firms rising, while crypto-associated brands plummeted.

Cohort-based solutions use anonymized groups of consumers to create targeted ads and messaging, while universal IDs create a privacy-compliant way for advertisers to keep track of consumer behavior across the internet. Looking for privacy-compliant uses for first-party data? Marketers can turn to the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s seller-defined audiences or experiment with data clean rooms.

Key stat: The top way US internet users discover new mobile apps is by searching or browsing app stores, cited by 44% of those surveyed for Airship by Sapio Research.

Walmart sees growth opportunities regardless of the macroeconomic environment: The retailer looks to boost its international sales, improve its digital presence, and expand its retail media business.

West Coast dockworkers escalate protests as negotiations with employers drag on: Walkouts and labor shortages led to slowed or suspended port operations on Friday.

Consumers use holidays as an excuse to splurge: Shoppers are expected to shell out a record $22.9 billion this Father’s Day. (This article was written with the assistance of ChatGPT.)

The iconic Volkswagen bus has been reimagined for the EV age. It could energize new automotive markets and restore VW’s brand reputation.

Though we’ve downgraded our retail media forecast, we anticipate the channel will experience double-digit growth through 2027. “I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that retail media is one of the most important and potentially most transformative ad spending channels in media right now,” said our analyst Max Willens.

Retail media is moving from its initial state (search and on-site display ads) up the funnel toward social, open web, and connected TV. As retail media networks move into their next era, they should leverage partnerships to explore new channels, said Evan Hovorka, vice president of product and innovation at Albertsons Media Collective.

Gen Z's podcast listening surges: New study reveals insights into the habits and preferences of this diverse listener demographic.

Ad spending growth is an illusion: Dentsu downgrades its 2023 ad spend growth forecast due to macroeconomic factors and inflation.

What Insider and Gannett strikes mean for publishing: The industry’s long decline has made it hard for companies and workers to meet at the table.

Adding mobile plans to existing Amazon Prime subscriptions has the potential to entice millions of wireless customers looking for a cheaper alternative.

Meta’s reversal on remote work bound for fallout: The news comes at a bad time as record layoffs wrap up, metaverse doubts linger, and morale hangs by a thread.

AI cost nearly 4,000 tech workers their jobs in May: Jobs aren’t the only casualty of the AI workplace upheaval. Brace for a quality-control crisis.

GetYourGuide and Hostaway score massive funding rounds as leisure travel demand holds up: But industry profit margins are under pressure as business travel remains below prepandemic levels.

Information collected from customers’ online behavior provides endless opportunities to align with their financial needs.

It’s not solely due to their tech expertise—they provide a better overall customer experience throughout the process.