Happify Health launched the first-ever prescription digital therapy for anxiety and depression, giving it a competitive edge over its peers—but if DTx companies want doctors to prescribe their apps, they’ll need insurers on their side.

Unraveling the healthcare pricing transparency knot: Healthcare pricing transparency startup Turquoise Health scored $5 million in funding—and even though it’s in its early stages, it’s primed to disrupt healthcare pricing amid myriad attempts from the gov’t to do the same.

Taking social determinants of health programs to the next level: UnitedHealthcare dropped $11.4 million into social health programs across the US—we unpack why that’s not enough to generate a meaningful healthcare impact.

NBCU adopts Ad-ID: That could spur other advertisers and agencies to adopt the identifier, which would make it even more useful for things like capping ad frequency.

Fire sale: AT&T is selling its Latin American satellite business Vrio and its ad tech company Xandr, just months after offloading WarnerMedia. Though a bad look for AT&T, the sales give the child companies a chance to thrive under new parentage.

Facebook’s CEO believes its hefty investment in AR and VR could make it a powerful player in the next stage of the internet. The proclamation comes amid rampant regulatory scrutiny and slowing user growth among Facebook’s core products.

On today's episode, we discuss five new bills that aim to limit Big Tech, whether short-form audio is next, Google's fine over its treatment of news publishers, why we buy what we buy, what to make of Disney+ subscriber growth hitting the brakes, how the world gets its caffeine, and more. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer senior analysts Sara M. Watson and Jasmine Enberg and analyst at Insider Intelligence Blake Droesch.

Amazon announced most of its Echo devices will support the cross-platform smart home standard— an essential endorsement for Matter’s success given Amazon’s outsize role in the smart speaker market.

Investment fintech Titan raises $58M and although it faces tough competition from other fast-growing fintech players in the space, Titan’s differentiated active strategies and focus on a younger demographic portends further strong growth.

On today's episode, we discuss what it's like to launch an ecommerce business unit during the pandemic and how customers are changing. We then talk about livestream ecommerce's US entry point, how to solve the fitting-room dilemma, and how seriously we should take retailer rental services. Tune in to the discussion with ecommerce general manager for the Americas region at Tekmovil Cristian Serrano and eMarketer senior analyst Matteo Ceurvels and analyst at Insider Intelligence Blake Droesch.

The neobank is seeking to cash in on a rebound in overseas travel with a booking product that includes 10% cashback—the launch will also let the company promote existing travel offerings and drive engagement with its app.

Twitter's Q2 earnings: Expect to see an uptick in ad revenue growth but slowing user growth at today's earnings call.