Limited-time promotions propelled McDonald’s sales in Q4: But the fast-food giant continues to face headwinds that are unlikely to subside this year.

China to get its own ChatGPT: Baidu is planning to release an AI chatbot for its search engine. But errors, censorship by Beijing, and difficulties with monetization could pose trouble.

Text-to-design is the next big thing in AI: ChatGPT is all the rage, but expect to see more-advanced AI chatbots soon. Meanwhile, text-to-code will be bad for software developers.

The cloud can help retailers manage their inventories, create smart pricing strategies, and improve the employee experience. The cloud can even make it easier for retailers to increase personalization.

Publishers’ ad business are trending downward in Q1: Dotdash Meredith, Vox, and others are trimming their workforces accordingly.

Consumers want a quick application process and immediate access to their new account. But an experiment found that banks can take up to two weeks.

Although the country made enormous progress with its first-mover advantage, regulatory hold-ups could help other countries dethrone it.

As more UK branches close, more shared banking hubs are promised. But only four are operational. That’s not enough to fill the growing gap.

Forty-one percent of US shoppers think the in-store experience has gotten worse since the pandemic: Most blame the decline on poor or inadequate staff, underscoring the need for retailers to invest in their workers.

Mobile’s share of ecommerce keeps growing: But ease of use and checkout speed remain barriers to sales, which could be a problem for Walmart’s Text to Shop feature.

LinkedIn proves the newsletter isn’t dying: Any user can create a newsletter on LinkedIn now, but advertising features have yet to debut.

The card network’s volume grew 7% YoY in its fiscal Q1. Falling fintech valuations might help fuel long-term growth for Visa.

On today's episode, we discuss how Amazon's Thursday Night Football rights deal performed this year, the placement of sponsor logos on team uniforms, and superimposing digital logos around sports arenas. "In Other News," we talk about what we expect will happen to TV advertising in the US in 2023 and what to make of Nielsen One Ads now that it's here. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Paul Verna and Max Willens.

The Chinese economy shows signs of life: While that’s good news for retailers after flat growth last year, many are adopting conservative strategies to protect their bottom lines.

Pet sales are on the rise (thanks, in large part, to inflation). Consumers, who are increasingly shopping online, are seeking out premium health and wellness-focused products for the furry members of their family.

Google bows to regulatory pressure: The European Commission demanded Google’s services provide more transparency for consumers. The move is a win for regulators pushing back on Big Tech.