On today's episode, we discuss why the West's answer to super apps is finally taking shape, why cryptocurrency sells out as governments buy in, and what kinds of new revenue sources digital brokers are hunting for. We then talk about how JPMorgan Chase is planning on spending its increased yearly technology budget and what will be largely responsible for driving fintech funding to new heights. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst Eleni Digalaki and vice president of content and head of financial services at Insider Intelligence Daniel Van Dyke.

Google’s plan to deprecate third-party cookies is opposed by Germany’s largest publishers: The fight illustrates the tension between the overlapping priorities of antitrust concerns and privacy protections.

An IPO could offer Chime a wealth of possibilities: Going public could help the US neobank fund new business lines. The timing is key as challengers’ differentiation from incumbents keeps eroding.

Banking in a post-overdraft world: Regions is shaking up its mix of income sources after lowering its customers’ risks of incurring overdraft penalty charges.

Candid announced plans to pull out of the direct-to-consumer space, shifting to B2B: The move by the oral care brand illustrates that D2C is not an automatic winner across all categories.

Is telehealth’s ROI its post-pandemic saving grace? Cigna-MD Live’s latest study shows how the tech can cut on healthcare costs. We detail what’s behind telehealth’s power to slash costs for both providers and patients.

CBS News revamps its streaming service: With audiences moving away from linear TV, the broadcast giant hopes its reputation and access to exclusive news content will be enough to lure viewers.

Mainland China will soon become the world’s biggest luxury market: As consumption slows and retail sales decline, luxury brands turn to ecommerce to reach China’s shoppers.

5G might not be a problem for airplanes after all as FAA clears 78% of commercial aircraft: Remaining restrictions are scheduled to be lifted in six months, which might result in continued conflict.