The mortgage lender’s offer will integrate directly into any Q2-powered institution’s online experience.

This matchup, along with Western Union’s recent deals, brings new financial opportunities in places they’ve never been before.

A published report suggests consumers don’t always know what they are agreeing to when they hand over financial information.

The card network is said to have started automatically enrolling merchants in its BNPL program. But some providers have financial concerns and have opted out.

In December 2021, Insider Intelligence analysts published their top five retail trends for 2022, detailing our predictions for the upcoming year. But 2022 has been anything but predictable. In this Analyst Take, we revisit those trends to find out what’s changed, what’s stayed the same, and how we’re thinking about five of retail's biggest trends amid this era of uncertainty.

Walmart courts affluent audiences to make up for shoppers trading down: But the retailer’s attempts to grow its Walmart+ membership base look increasingly desperate.

Peloton hopes a complete overhaul will help reverse its fortunes: The fitness company is cutting nearly 800 jobs, raising prices, and outsourcing key functions in a drastic attempt to reach profitability.

Influencer marketing has a disclosure problem: The Crypto market in particular has seen top creators push what turned out to be scams, costing followers millions.

Baidu’s Apollo robotaxis break driverless barrier: 10 fully-driverless taxis will run in two of China’s busiest city centers. The ultimate test for a fully autonomous robotaxis could herald wider global AV adoption.

LinkedIn isn’t immune to layoffs: Events have transformed in the pandemic’s wake, and the platform’s global events team is a casualty.

For once, Apple is playing from behind: Its deal with Futuro could help both its podcasts and TV units, two areas where it’s trailing other players.

TikTok’s growth could be stifled by ties to China: Intense demand and repeated scandals have the company twisted in a knot.

Resale is a low-risk, high-reward opportunity for brands: Tommy Hilfiger and Marimekko are the latest retailers to launch secondhand sales platforms.

Google doesn’t have all the answers: A Search update could help reduce online misinformation with alerts. But its success will rely on the algorithm’s performance and winning the public’s trust.

A 60-minute doomsday hack: The federal government’s leading security solution against the post-quantum cybersecurity threat is child’s play for hackers. Businesses could invest in nimbler security solutions amid growing vulnerability.

Banks have asked for the head seat at the table regarding crypto regulations—but just days later, lawmakers want to claw back the few capabilities they already have.