Uber Eats looks to short-form videos to differentiate its platform: The format could help restaurants attract attention and highlight dishes, giving it a good chance of success.

Disney lays out its timeline for password sharing: The company could see more gains than Netflix thanks to its recent addition of Hulu.

“[Cookie deprecation] is a monumental change. It has also been a long time coming,” our analyst Evelyn Mitchell-Wolf said on a recent “Meet the Analyst” webinar. The signal loss will force advertisers to shift targeting strategies, campaign measurement, and identity solutions. But other trends—programmatic transaction methods and connected TV (CTV)’s growing share of ad spend—will stay their course.

Apple is developing robots for people’s homes: It’s pushing past setbacks by repurposing R&D for a frontier technology with an uncertain commercial future.

Paramount enters exclusive merger talks with Skydance, sidelining Apollo’s bid: The media landscape could be shuffled yet again once the deal is finalized.

YouTube boosts creator income with Members Only Shorts, challenging TikTok's paywall feature: The battle for creator allegiance and platform supremacy escalates.

As the TV and streaming landscape becomes increasingly fragmented, the terms used to describe different ways to watch are multiplying. We’ve already broken down the difference between connected TV (CTV) and OTT. With subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) platforms becoming ad-supported SVODs, and ad-supported video on demand (AVOD) platforms building out free ad-supported TV (FAST) platforms, it’s difficult to keep track of what cord-cutters are actually watching. Here’s a breakdown.

US adults will spend 55 minutes more per day with digital video than with traditional TV in 2024, per our February 2024 forecast.

Over half (51%) of US children recall seeing commercials on YouTube recently, the top platform for recognition across multiple digital channels, according to an October 2023 survey from Precise TV.

LinkedIn tests TikTok-like video feed: The strategic move would improve discovery and engagement with B2B short-form content.

Hulu's library joins Disney+: The move to streamline could reshape the streaming hierarchy.

On today's podcast episode (part 2), we discuss what America looks like without TikTok, who would be most likely to buy the short-video app, and what marketers should be thinking about to plan for the future. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Minda Smiley and Max Willens.

OpenAI’s Sora could be to video generation what ChatGPT has become to text generation—a user-friendly, scalable tool that creates human-quality work. Tyler Perry put an $800 million studio expansion on hold after seeing the tool in action. And creators with access to the tool have created impressive works, from surreal nature documentaries to underwater fashion shows.

Grand Theft Auto 6 delayed as Rockstar Games calls employees back to office: It wants to boost productivity, but RTO mandates can have the opposite effect.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss what the 2024 Oscars taught us about the future of awards shows, whether its time to give up on email, how Netflix's sports strategy will play out, if the idea of "news" can survive online, how the money in the world is shared between us, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Bill Fisher, forecasting analyst Zach Goldner, and director of forecasting Oscar Orozco.

As streaming costs rise, so do opportunities for advertisers: Consumers are paying more for streaming services than ever, leading to cheaper access via ad-supported tiers.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss what TV even is anymore, how the redefining of TV is reshaping marketers' approach, and why not all data is created equal. "In Other News," we talk about why live TV is the new streaming and the real reason Walmart bought TV-maker Vizio. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Ross Benes and Alison Gensheimer, head of Nielsen marketing.

Disney and NBCU signal a major shift in CTV ad buys: Both are working with The Trade Desk to make inventory available programmatically.

Peacock to offer extensive Paris Olympics coverage with interactive features: NBCUniversal aims to redefine sports streaming and attract a wider audience.

MrBeast will create a reality series for Prime Video: In a move that defies platform allegiance, YouTube’s most popular creator will help generate a hit for Amazon.