US consumers are flocking to low-cost plans with some amount of advertising.In 2022, increases were especially pronounced among ad-supported video on-demand (AVOD) services.

Summer is on the way, and the advertising landscape has already changed significantly since the start of the year. We checked in on data surrounding the biggest trends, including AI search (which is happening whether consumers want it or not), a TikTok ban (no one knows but be prepared), retail media (it’s exploding), and more.

Peacock becomes first major streaming service to launch on Meta Quest VR devices: The move potentially impacts streaming content consumption in an increasingly competitive market.

YouTube’s steep Sunday Ticket pricing will pay off, but at what cost? Consumers now have to pay more than ever to watch football.

HBO and Discovery+ going to the “Max”: Combined streaming service kicking off in May will bring new business leads for advertisers. Read online.

Netflix races to offer new ad targeting options ahead of Upfronts: A rushed launch meant its ad tech offerings were thin.

A ban isn’t swaying brands from spending on TikTok: Apple, Pepsi, and DoorDash are among brands increasing ad spend despite hefty political problems.

The US Hispanic population is young and growing faster than the general US population is. Their buying power will approach $2.8 trillion by 2026. Here’s a look at their media habits and how to reach them.

50% of Americans support a government ban on TikTok, with higher support among Republicans and older Americans. Continued scrutiny could be TikTok’s downfall.

UFC and WWE look to enter the sports streaming frenzy: The newly merged company will likely try to land several lucrative deals.

Netflix realizes sometimes less is more: The streamer will focus on releasing high-quality films and optimize its marketing efforts.

Paramount+'s partnerships and programming may boost growth in 2023: The streamer's Walmart+ collaboration is getting a national media campaign to boost awareness

QVC and HSN’s parent company makes a play for younger consumers: Qurate’s new Sune mobile app features a personalized video feed to drive product discovery.

Short-form video is the hot topic of 2023 Newfronts: TikTok, Meta, and YouTube are all presenting as the dominant short-form app faces existential threats.

Roku cuts 400 jobs in four months: Rising costs and a tight ad market have hurt the rising advertising player, which could make it an acquisition target.

Netflix games may soon ditch mobile-only: In-app code reveals that Netflix is testing ways to bring its costly game investments to TV screens, using phones as controllers.

The threat of a TikTok ban is enough to make waves: ByteDance, Meta, and Chinese competitor Kuaishou are all taking steps to anticipate a ban.

YouTube’s ad business took a hit in the latter half of 2022, with revenues down year over year in both Q3 and Q4. The company has since hired a new CEO, hiked YouTube TV prices, and introduced podcasts to YouTube Music to try to reverse the downward trend.

Splitting into six companies makes each business unit more competitive while reducing regulatory oversight, which could help increase profits.

Should households without TVs be counted in TV measurement? One industry group argues yes, since those households stream TV content to mobile devices.