YouTube’s streaming lead is solidified: The platform enjoyed a yearlong reign as the leading streaming service, strengthening its position in measurement negotiations.

Roku battles for ad dollars amid stiff competition from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video: company's resilience shines with 80 million accounts and a revenue uptick despite a dip in user revenues.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss the main takeaways from this year's Super Bowl; which ads had the biggest impact; how Fox, ESPN, and Warner Bros. Discovery's (WBD's) new giant sports streaming service announcement changes the game; some unbelievable facts about trees; and more. Tune in to the discussion with our forecasting writer Ethan Cramer-Flood, director of forecasting Oscar Orozco, and analyst Max Willens.

The youngest US generation is already online and outnumbering its teen counterpart on digital video and gaming platforms.

Prime Video with ads needs time to grow on consumers: Amazon is getting flak for its ad-supported rollout, but Netflix’s trailblazing shows it will pass.

OpenAI's Sora transforms text prompts into quality videos: Marketers get a new tool for dynamic, personalized content creation.

Amazon faces a new antitrust challenge: Mexican antitrust regulator COFECE’s preliminary report claims the retailer (along with Mercado Libre) stifles competition.

Paramount lays off 800 as acquisition rumors swirl: As the streaming industry begins to consolidate, Paramount is looking for ways to eke out an advantage.

41.2% of virtual multichannel video programming distributor (vMVPD) viewers watch on YouTube TV, making it the most popular service of its kind.

D-ID is giving generative AI chatbots an approachable face: The startup stands out for its financial stability in the challenging AI sector. Others could emulate its product focus and efficiency.

WBD, Fox, Disney team up to shake up sports streaming: The companies will launch a Hulu-like streaming venture with access to each network’s linear sports content.

A litany of big headlines from Disney: The company’s Q1 earnings came with news of gaming investments, an ESPN streaming service, and narrowing losses.

Apple’s Vision Pro, rich in apps and retail support, faces a crucial test: public acceptance in everyday scenarios—echoing Google Glass’ challenges.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss whether Google's recent performance was actually good (or not), how YouTube turned things around, and what could trip up the digital giant in 2024. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Evelyn Mitchell-Wolf.

Expedia launches global ad campaign on Netflix: The platform’s expansive streaming reach could set a new standard for international media buys.

Many in digital advertising, including the Interactive Advertising Bureau, have begun to use connected TV (CTV) as an umbrella term to include content delivered via CTV devices or OTT services.

Amazon's $18.9 billion content push: The giant’s 2023 spending spree came amid hollywood strikes, positioning the company to outpace Netflix and redefining the streaming landscape.

YouTube Premium hits a subscription landmark: The service now enjoys 100 million subscribers after YouTube spent much of 2023 cracking down on ad blockers.

Nielsen's out-of-home expansion: The measurement firm moves to capture full US viewership, transforming metrics for live sports and streaming.

The vast majority (81.5%) of retail media ad spend will go toward on-site formats this year, per our October 2023 forecast. As advertisers seek to target consumers whenever and wherever possible, other formats are emerging, particularly in-store, streaming, and social.