Netflix looks to score big in gaming: Streamer increases platform offerings in hopes of luring mobile gamers as subscribers.

Streaming is resilient, but there’s still space for just a few: Despite strong subscription growth, many streamers fall short on revenues.

There were 559 original scripted TV series made in the US in 2021, according to FX Networks. That’s more than twice the number made a decade prior.

Turns out creators like consistency: YouTube Shorts’ new revenue-sharing program begins in February, but creators and publishers are already lining up.

Amazon is the latest company to copy TikTok: The retailer is adding a continuous, shoppable feed to its app to enhance product discovery and grow sales.

James Gunn will need all his Marvel know-how and a little luck to save DC’s cinematic fortunes: Billions are at stake for Warner Bros. Discovery.

We believe Netflix remains the most watched service in the world, but it is not alone at the peak.

Time spent with cable and broadcast TV is decreasing, a trend that’s been particularly pronounced over the past year. Streaming accounted for 36.9% of US time spent with TV as of September 2022, up from 27.7% in the same month in 2021, according to Nielsen. Streaming stole share from all other TV categories.

Disney+ looks to retain and expand customer base with ad tier: Lower-cost streaming option may help draw price-conscious consumers.

Warner Bros. Discovery cuts through a brand crisis: The media giant is naming its merged streaming service “Max,” keeping brands like HBO in their own hubs.

Walmart, TalkShopLive, Qurate expand livestream commerce options to bring in holiday shoppers: But celebrity guests may not be enough to overcome limited consumer adoption and awareness.

Ad-supported video services stream into Canada: Country is fertile ground as viewers demonstrate heavy adoption across a variety of entertainment platforms.

Next year, connected TV (CTV) ads will move from conception to creative to production faster. That’s according to Michael Hopkins, vice president of go to market at MNTN, who spoke this week on our “Behind the Numbers: The Daily” podcast.

We project over half of the US population will be watching content from at least one ad-supported streaming service monthly by 2026, up from 41.8% in 2022.

Netflix’s “Glass Onion” gives insights into its priorities: Is the company sacrificing short-term box-office revenues in the process?

Global digital video ad revenues will top $360 billion in 2027, according to Omdia. That’s up more than $170 billion from this year. By contrast, video subscription revenues will rise about $30 billion over that period and remain below $120 billion in 2027.

Sports betting has an inextricable brand safety risk: A recent New York Times report unveiled the industry’s murky rise to prominence, drawing further brand safety concerns.

Bob Iger’s second Disney tenure will change its streaming future: The returning CEOs acquisition-heavy strategy could mean further streaming consolidation.

Digital video viewership is being propped up by connected TVs (CTVs), which allow for easy access to streaming apps on the biggest screens in households

Are streaming services inflation-proof? Streaming revenues grew in Q3 despite concerns that inflation and fatigue would lead to subscription cancellations.