Netflix’s upfront debut could be bumpy for advertisers: In a significant media power shift, streaming’s upfront takeover could drive CPMs even higher.

Streaming’s live sports efforts off to rough start: Despite Amazon’s significant football viewership miss, digital live sports is expected to grow steadily.

Netflix’s latest move means big things for its livestream ambitions: The company will stream the SAG Awards on YouTube this year and on its own platform next year.

Subscription OTT video is chasing linear TV in terms of time spent in the US. We estimate adults still spend significantly more time per day watching TV, but that figure is decreasing and will fall below 3 hours this year. Meanwhile, for subscription OTT video, time spent will surpass an hour and a half per day. But ad spend on these platforms is not proportional to time spent.

Streaming’s 2023 will be marked by price hikes: Embattled live TV service fuboTV was the first to raise prices, but major rivals won’t be far behind.

Could the great WBD cull of 2022 be over? After a half year of content disappearing from HBO, WBD execs say the future is about “relaunching and building.”

The way people watch TV is changing. So are the ways brands advertise on TV. Connected TV has seen “monumental progress in just a handful of years,” said our analyst Ross Benes. But that’s not the full story. Here are key TV behaviors and ad trends to watch in the new year.

VideoAmp will give Nielsen a run for its money: The measurement startup’s list of high-influence partners now includes Warner Bros. Discovery.

Meet the new Netflix, same as the old Netflix: The streaming service canceled another hit show after one season in a misguided search for a megafranchise.

In 2022, both YouTube and TikTok captured 46 minutes of their adult US users’ attention each day, per our estimates. Netflix reigned supreme at 60 minutes daily. Time spent with TikTok will tick up every year through 2024, when it will reach 48 minutes per day, but it won’t pass Netflix anytime soon.

Revenues are the real figures streamers should worry about: After misplaced fear around subscription losses, services are being punished for slow topline growth.

Apple’s sports ambitions take a hit: YouTube TV has won NFL Sunday Ticket rights over the consumer tech giant.

Ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) viewing will reach more than half of the US population in 2026, up from 41.8% this year, per our forecast.

Netflix’s ad-supported tier sputters out of the gate: The plan fails to attract new users and inspires others to downgrade—but it’s early days.

Netflix’s lead in viewership over other services isn’t as large as it once was. But Netflix is still streaming’s king.

Before the pandemic, Roku, Hulu, and YouTube made up about half (45.9%) of the US connected TV (CTV) ad market. That market has expanded significantly. Despite solid US CTV ad revenue growth across all three companies, their combined share will account for around one-third of the $26.92 billion that will go to CTV in 2023.

As 2022 comes to an end, this is the data you need to kickstart 2023 for your business.

US government intensifies stance against TikTok: A permanent ban from government devices could push the public sector to further remove TikTok from devices. But some fear the service is too big to fail.

Netflix experiences growing pains as an ad platform: It misses some viewership guarantees by a mile—though it’s trying to make up for it.

WBD is licensing away some of its premium content: “Westworld” is among the shows moving to FAST channels from HBO as the company looks to pare debt.