Signal loss only makes email marketing more valuable: Our industry KPI data shows email open rates rising significantly, emphasizing the channel’s importance.

Google gets its AI footing at Cloud Next: A litany of generative announcements—including a leading AI chip—make investors happy. But will demand for the technology have staying power?

AI is helping email marketers in a myriad of ways. Top use cases include personalization, subject line testing, send time optimization, segmentation, and predictive analysis of customer behavior.

More than three-quarters (77%) of US adults prefer receiving ecommerce coupons through email, according to a February 2024 report by Ascend2 and ActiveCampaign.

Google and Yahoo are tackling email marketing spam: New measures will require marketers to maintain certain quality standards in order to bulk send.

Substack’s controversy shows the perils of poor moderation: The company refused to remove pro-Nazi content, leading to the departure of major creators.

Zulily is shutting down for good: The company’s end marks the final chapter for the post-Great Recession boom in ecommerce sites that drove shoppers to hunt for deals.

Omnichannel approach triumphs in Black Friday marketing: Email and SMS take center stage during pivotal sales period.

Email marketing has been threatened recently by changes from Apple and Google, and email marketers are working to stay on top of industry shifts. Here are four burning questions about email marketing’s recent shifts.

Google’s Gmail updates will affect marketers: Enforcing stringent sender requirements for bulk emailers could counter rising threats from AI-generated spam.

Klaviyo's IPO shines a spotlight on email marketing's vast reach: AI and personalization emerge as key strategies for brand engagement.

What’s happening? Apple announced in June that iOS 17 would provide “even greater protections against trackers,” in a move that will affect links shared from Mail, Messages, and in Safari’s private browsing mode.

Apple set to inconvenience marketers yet again: Stripping tracking parameters from URLs could cause major short-term headaches.

Marketer use of text messaging is on upswing: Despite its imperfections, data suggests the underused channel could help brands boost engagement.

Email is the testing ground for AI in advertising: Mailchimp is the latest email marketing platform to launch AI features for clients.

Substack isn’t looking so hot: The newsletter platform is bleeding cash and was just banned by Twitter for launching a competing service.

Email marketing is hot, but it’s not immune either: Shopify partner Klaviyo laid off 140 staff as even it feels the brunt of interest rates and slower spending.

Forty-two percent of marketers said they plan on exploring AI and automation as a strategy in 2023, according to an August 2022 Sagefrog survey

AI has its uses, but a hands-off approach is far off: Marketers are using AI for a large range of applications as they shift to loyalty strategies.