Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft’s new AI “Copilot” lands for marketers: Tool promises to help discover consumer categories and automate processes.

Generative AI is a content moderation threat multiplier: Apple and Blix face off over AI-generated content restrictions for the App Store. We can expect controversy to escalate as legal liability looms.

Multimodal AI is the next big thing in search: Microsoft is training its Kosmos-1 AI model to understand the world visually. The goal is greater search capabilities and, ultimately, AGI.

On today's episode, we discuss the US public's everyday awareness of AI, whether generative AI is more than just a hyper-advanced predictive text tool, and whether AI search might actually be a disaster. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Jacob Bourne and Yory Wurmser.

OpenAI wants to build an AI that can outsmart us: The startup’s latest manifesto shows that the technology is on a breakneck trajectory toward either an economic revolution or catastrophe.

On today's episode, we discuss whether it's time for Google to spin off YouTube, how people feel about targeted ads, what consumers think about using AR to shop, what an in-car TikTok app might look like, the US Supreme Court examining Section 230, paid health leave in the US versus the world, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Blake Droesch, Evelyn Mitchell, and Paul Verna.

Instacart taps ChatGPT to further streamline online grocery shopping: The delivery platform is launching a new feature that lets customers “Ask Instacart” for assistance during their shopping journeys.

Europe expands IT budgets in face of recession fears: Artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and software are technology’s bright spots, while devices continue to slump. We look at Europe’s growth opportunities.

Google holding its own in ChatGPT competition: Google’s search revenues and downloads haven’t been damaged by ChatGPT and Bing AI, but it needs to hit a homerun with Bard release.

China’s semiconductor industry stockpiles: Chipmakers fill several large warehouses in anticipation of tighter economic restrictions. This might result in artificial global scarcity that could haunt the chip sector for years to come.

Meta’s response to ATT could turn off agencies: While AI and automation are improving CPMs, some marketers complain about a lack of control.

The AI-driven future is here for streetwear company Snipes, according to Jenna Posner, chief digital officer, speaking at eTail West 2023 this week. Snipes is using AI tools now to integrate new merchandise into its platform, driving efficiency for getting product listings live.

FTC weighs in on AI hype with a warning: As technology spurs new ventures and investment, agency urges advertisers to not make false claims.

Meta leaps forward in AI race with game-changing models: The metaverse champion’s AI models might solve the technology’s operating expense problem. It could help profitability and lower barriers to entry.

AI here, AI there, AI everywhere: Meta and Snapchat are jumping on board as the artificial intelligence frenzy picks up pace.

Ukraine’s resilient tech sector: Tested by a year of war and widespread economic uncertainty, Ukraine’s tech sector isn’t just surviving, it’s building startup unicorns and expanding in innovation.

Big Tech wants to restrain ‘first global attempt to regulate AI’: Tech companies are lobbying hard against provisions of the EU’s AI Act. Accountability and public trust are at stake.

Cloud giants court AI startups: Amazon is the latest cloud giant to launch a deal with an AI startup amid the generative AI frenzy. It’s a boon for chip designers.

AI has its uses, but a hands-off approach is far off: Marketers are using AI for a large range of applications as they shift to loyalty strategies.

Generative AI is set to have far-reaching implications for the $5.920 trillion global ecommerce sector. Here's our take on the top three areas where the technology could have the greatest impact.