Artificial Intelligence

Meta raises AI stakes: Meta AI has a competitive advantage over ChatGPT in potential distribution and could eventually provide new surfaces to serve ads.

Meta launches its latest AI Assistant with Llama 3: It’s boldly integrating generative AI across its platforms and products but AI’s hallucinations could come back to haunt it.

It takes time to learn a new technology and sometimes, along the way, stumbles happen. As the role of AI in marketing grows, brands must be transparent about how, where, and when they are using the technology. Nearly half (49%) of CMOs in North America plan to focus more on using AI in strategy, creative, and content development for media use over the next 12 months, according to an August 2023 Dentsu survey conducted by B2B International. Here are three missteps brands have made with AI and content creation and what brands can learn from them.

US physicians’ views on genAI are shifting: While doctors’ positive stance on genAI presents a massive opportunity for vendors and patients alike, their outlook comes with a catch—the tech has to be vetted. AI developers, take note.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss why social media platforms are less equipped to stop toxic content, the main ways AI will heighten brand safety concerns, and steps marketers can take to mitigate risk. "In Other News," we talk about whether brands repurposing vertical video ads for TVs can work and what Hulu adding its content to Disney+ means for the streaming universe. Tune in to the discussion with our vice president of content Paul Verna.

A guide to everything seen (and overheard) at POSSIBLE to help you determine if it's worth putting in your 2025 budget.

Microsoft aims to secure its AI leadership by tripling its GPU supply, fueling expansive growth in generative AI and cloud services

Government employees threaten to quit over former OpenAI researcher’s hiring: We can expect to see rising discord over generative AI’s social and economic risks and what to do about them.

Big Tech throws caution to the wind with massive AI capital expenditures: Tech companies’ multibillion-dollar AI spending spree could face the harsh reality of an overtaxed energy grid.

Global opportunities in mobile apps: By 2030, global spending on mobile apps may reach $2 trillion. Non-gaming apps are outpacing gaming apps by revenues as AI and regulations reshape the market. Read online

Big Tech scrambles to attract talent amid AGI quest: Companies have hundreds of AI-related open positions to snatch the best from a small pool of applicants to build frontier systems.

Microsoft and OpenAI are the latest companies expanding into Asia with significant investments in AI, aiming to fuel regional growth and technological innovation

The music industry swings back against AI: SAG-AFTRA and labels like Universal Music Group signed an agreement that protects musicians from the tech.

On today's podcast episode (part 1), we discuss why consumers are using GenAI to look up health information, how physicians feel about it, and how this stacks up against other health-related internet searches. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Rajiv Leventhal.

Generative AI is yet to have a profound impact on media plans and marketing workflow. “The promise of genAI is to ultimately achieve a digital dream state of advertising…where the right message reaches the right consumer on the right platform at the right time,” our analyst Max Willens said on an episode of the “Behind the Numbers” podcast. “But right now, the costs associated with those technological capabilities are not there, nor has the ROI been worked out … We’re a ways away.”

On today's podcast episode (part 2), we discuss how doctors are using GenAI to deliver healthcare, how patients feel about it, and why you may climb into a large AI-driven box for your next primary care visit. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Rajiv Leventhal.

Meta will launch Quest VR subscription service for schools with Roblox: Its virtual-learning product could pay off long term but adds to expenses with dubious short-term ROI.

Global smartphone shipments are up 7.8% YoY in Q1. Samsung leads, Apple slips, and Chinese brands gain.

Upcoming M4 chips across the Mac line, an AI reorg, and acquisitions are driving up stock, but Apple is still coming from behind in a highly competitive AI arena.

OpenAI in the spotlight again over questions about internal stability: It fired two AI researchers over alleged data leaks. The incident suggests that previous chaos isn’t over.