Artificial Intelligence

Smart speakers are most commonly used for general knowledge, with 31.4% of US internet users asking these devices general questions.

As more users adopt smart home products, brands will have an increasing number of opportunities to reach and interact with their customers if they keep privacy needs in mind.

Find out how AI—specifically deep learning—can drive customer acquisition at scale for brands beyond search and social from Jeremy Fain, CEO and co-founder of Cognitiv

Volkswagen launches AR experiences via QR codes for Amazon campaign: The promotion highlights the power of the technology while leveraging Amazon’s ecommerce dominance.

With increased market competition, brands only get one chance to get the buying experience “right.” In fact, 89% of marketers find scaling AI-fueled conversation intelligence imperative to stay competitive.

Digital health’s triple threat: AI, remote monitoring, and telehealth:Companies like Adjuvare that offer these three digital health technologies can use them to secure health system partners looking to overcome their interoperability woes.

Facebook is shutting down its facial recognition feature in photos and videos: By removing facial recognition data for over 1 billion users, the company is trying to earn trust from consumers and regulators alike.

If money were no object when buying consumer tech, many US adults would upgrade their phones and improve their home security.