Artificial Intelligence

Economic pressures reduce marketing budgets as percentage of revenues: CMOs respond by prioritizing AI to enhance efficiency and ROI.

At NBCUniversal’s Upfront, ads and content share center stage: Return on ad spend, AI concerns, and streaming-first projects were all featured.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss how bad "serial churning" has gotten and how to fix it, whether inventing new sports tournaments can work, if Perplexity's "search engine" will threaten Google, the use case for AI computers in your ears, where you can see 16 sunrises and sunsets every day, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our forecasting writer Ethan Cramer-Flood, forecasting analyst Zach Goldner, and director of forecasting Oscar Orozco.

Major players like TikTok, Meta, and Google unveiled new partnerships, AI innovations, and streamlining solutions. Here are three key developments you may have missed.

Controversial Apple ad leads to rare apology: Bold campaigns are fine; alienating your core audience of creatives is not.

Will OpenAI back down from its AI search threat against Google? Announcements before Google’s I/O conference would be a power play that could add more risks to Google’s threat landscape.

41% of US restaurant operators are planning to use AI for sales forecasting and scheduling, while 33% are using the tech for personalized marketing, according to December 2023 data from Restaurant365.

The brand can differentiate itself by developing its own AI server hardware to complement on-device AI solutions with secure and private services.

Employees globally use personal AI at work, boosting productivity and creativity, but fear for job security while navigating a lack of employer guidelines on AI use.

OpenAI considers creator privacy features and whether ChatGPT should engage with adult content: The genAI sector faces tension over content moderation and profitability. A technical fix remains elusive.

“The restaurant industry is still reeling from the impact of the pandemic,” our content director Becky Schilling said on an episode of “Behind the Numbers: Reimagining Retail” podcast. On top of that, inflation and economic uncertainty has made for a tough four years. In face of these persisting challenges, restaurants are turning to AI and unified commerce solutions to improve the customer experience, build loyalty, and supercharge personalization.

Data centers, which power a growing number of cloud apps, video-on-demand services, and artificial intelligence services are nearing a power crisis.

Microsoft enhances 365 Copilot AI: It’s effectively tapping into its enterprise customer base. But future demand for AI tools could skew toward specialization.

The integration of AI into marketing is a top priority. Nearly 60% of organizations worldwide are integrating genAI into their marketing efforts, and almost 80% had allocated or planned to allocate budget to genAI in their marketing initiatives in the six months following an October 2023 survey by Capgemini. AI offers benefits but also introduces ethical and regulatory considerations and the need to improve data management.

Meta’s latest AI advertising rollout reveals a significant shift: Free, broad access to AI creative will help win favor with brands, but ethical quandaries are unresolved.

The latest iPads feature AI-driven apps and the fastest M4 chip, boosting the product’s appeal to creators and hinting at a wider AI infusion into the product line.

OpenAI introduces a deepfake detector to aid disinformation researchers during a record election year, targeting potential voter manipulation.

Microsoft moves to reduce dependence on OpenAI with a newwith new model: Microsoft is seeking technological independence, but it also needs cost control to maintain its frontrunner status.

“[Generative AI] is an aggregated view of all we know,” said Tess Kornfield, vice president of product and data science at ThredUP, at our Outlook and Strategies for 2024’s Second Half EMARKETER Summit. Issues with generative AI aren’t always a result of the tech itself. Often, AI exposes existing issues which are exacerbated by the tech’s scale and efficiency. Here are three areas marketers should watch when working with generative AI.

Reddit's user base grows by 37%, revenue up 48%: Despite a $575.1 million loss, new ad offerings and AI deals hint at a bright future.