Artificial Intelligence

The strike's impact on film: The WGA work halt could have an outsized long-term impact.

Disney says AI could make QR-code shoppable marketing obsolete: At a TV advertising event, Disney and YouTube shared how AI has already changed their strategies.

The industry’s growth toward chips and components necessary to drive AI applications could help drive the tech sector’s recovery.

Klarna hailed AI’s potential, but it needs to consider how the tech can bring benefits that competitors can’t replicate.

Google is about to change the internet as we know it: It’s speeding up its generative AI cadence as OpenAI rocks the App Store. Competition for users will spur continuous upgrades.

Leaked sales document reveals Amazon’s AI strategy: By billing itself as the more experienced vendor offering greater AI model variety, Amazon is hoping to preserve its dominant cloud standing.

Snap’s subcontinent surge: As Snapchat crosses 200 million users in India, the introduction of 'My AI' signifies its focus on user experience.

ChatGPT may have all of the buzz when it comes to AI platforms, but marketing technology and platforms are quickly catching up by adding a host of AI features to their systems. For starters, Adobe unveiled “Generative Fill” in Photoshop last week, a feature that uses AI to extend the canvas of your design, fill in backgrounds, and more. Meanwhile, Acquia unveiled a chatbot within its digital asset management platform.

Lack of people and process training is the biggest obstacle to leveraging AI, cited by 42% of B2C professionals worldwide in a Twilio survey. Other barriers to AI adoption include security or compliance (36%), poor organizational processes (34%), and poor-quality data (31%).

On today's episode, we discuss what happens now that Montana has approved a ban on TikTok, what Amazon's AI chatbot might look like, why Meta got a record fine from the EU, what space advertising looks like, a Supreme Court ruling on an infamous internet law, how good humans are at multitasking, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our director of Briefings Jeremy Goldman, analyst Evelyn Mitchell, and vice president of Briefings Stephanie Taglianetti.

Google accepts the lonely role of AI Pact pioneer: Likely bracing for fallout, Google is using its PR experience to demonstrate leadership in AI while OpenAI gives mixed messages.

Nvidia strikes AI gold as it nears $1T market cap: The chipmaker is an early winner of the generative AI hype, stunning Wall Street with a blockbuster quarterly performance.

Integrating ChatGPT features in Windows 11, Bing, and Edge might mean a renaissance for all things Microsoft.

AI is showing black swan effects: The technology is keeping markets afloat while also causing panic and apprehension among Wall Street investors. Regulators are in a bind.

Google experiments with chat ads: The tech giant plans to embed its Search and Shopping ads into the AI-powered SGE conversational mode.

We round up the bank’s investor day and find that it’s benefited from the regional banking crisis.

LinkedIn rolls out new features to enhance verification processes and combat counterfeit profiles: Platform aims to maintain its reputation as a trusted platform for professional networking and job seeking.

Advertising and PR agencies find many uses for AI: The tech’s ability to handle tasks quicker and at lower cost can make it a game changer despite risks.

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced it would use the same plug-in standards as OpenAI, meaning plug-ins can work across ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and Microsoft 365 Copilot. Microsoft is focusing on plug-ins as the future of its OpenAI partnership, and for good reason.