Financial Services

Our 2021 banking predictions, revisited: We got some wrong, but we got others partly right as several big trends we reviewed last year kept moving in the same direction.

Carolyn Feinstein sees the chartered neobank’s still relatively low consumer awareness as an opportunity, not a handicap. She tells us why.

We predicted Square would pilot small-business and consumer credit cards. It didn’t, but in the same vein, it announced plans to acquire Afterpay.

Mobile tools and short-form video content are popular with Hispanics: Knowing how this important demographic group accesses and uses content can help marketers devise outreach strategies.

People don’t trust fintechs with open banking: Here’s what fintechs can do to improve their image and their credibility.

You can’t win them all, and this year was no exception. Here are two predictions we made last year that didn’t happen—and why.

US consumers prioritize security features for neobanking: Security and Control features took up three of the five features most in demand among consumers in our 2021 US Neobank Emerging Features Benchmark.

We incorrectly thought mPOS would be a bigger thing in the US in 2021 and that Walmart and Target would beat the odds and chip away at Amazon’s online share.

Neobank funding bonanza shows promise still outweighs profitability—for now: Globally, challengers brought in large funding hauls that signaled investors’ continued confidence in the space. But their patience in the face of commoditization and unprofitability won’t be endless.

Revolut’s new license gives it eurozone super-app potential: The UK-based neobank’s full banking license lets it offer investment services to eurozone customers—opening the door for it to become a pan-European super app.

Revisiting what we saw in the crystal ball: We made five predictions last year about what would happen in fintech. Today, we look at three we got right.

JPMorgan kept its eye on technology and the crypto trend—no matter what Jamie thought personally: The banking giant’s 2021 featured a UK digital-only launch, fintech acquisitions, crypto offerings for retail clients, and advocating for staff in branches to become licensed advisors.

What 2021’s biggest fintech funding rounds say about the industry: The money hose isn’t going anywhere in 2022—this year’s most lucrative raises can tell us where the industry’s headed next.

Cryptocurrency needs to fix its public relations problem: Visa’s study of the five types of crypto-aware consumers suggests negative impressions of cryptocurrency could be the default before they become more informed.