The life insurtech will use this and the $200 million that it recently raised to fund an expansion—just as interest in life insurance innovation is ticking up.

Currencycloud provides API-based foreign exchange banking and payments services and can help Visa strengthen its position in the cross-border payments market.

Tumblr gets paid subscriptions: The new feature is intended to attract Gen Z creators hoping to monetize their fanbase, but it may be a long shot, as the platform has been bleeding users since banning adult content in 2018.

Clubhouse opens up: The platform is ditching its invite-only model as it works to compete in the increasingly crowded social audio space.

Green Dot teams up with Finicity on outside app access: Green Dot will let its neobank’s customers access third-party apps via the Mastercard unit Finicity’s API system. This collaboration could be a forerunner to similar arrangements with Walmart or another of Green Dot’s partners.