Real Estate

Why empty offices may be the biggest threat regional and community banks face: Investors and regulators see heavy portfolios of commercial real estate as flashing danger signs. Let’s hope depositors remain calm.

Meta is closing its first retail store, and Google is selling its domains business to Squarespace, highlighting Big Tech's refocus on core growth areas and potential AI opportunities.

Valuations have plummeted due to lower office occupancy rates and changes in how people shop.

Big Tech’s real estate addiction cured by downturn: Companies are reversing their office expansion plans to cut costs. Long-term, the move makes more financial sense than layoffs given the rise of remote work.

Big Tech pauses office expansion: The economic downturn has pushed beleaguered companies like Meta to rethink their strategies. Workers’ reluctance to return is another reason for companies to stall expansion plans.

For US Hispanics, optimism and the idealization of the American Dream are driving an uptick in homeownership, and as more Hispanics become homeowners, their purchase power and net wealth are poised to increase. But they’re not up to speed with the rest of the US economy … yet.