eMarketer Roundups

The average US adult spent 25 additional minutes per day on mobile apps in 2020 than the year prior, according to eMarketer. And we expect these gains across most mobile activities will become permanent this year. In fact, we anticipate US adults will add 6 minutes to their average time spent with apps. As data suggests, it is clear that marketers need to revisit their mobile strategy for the year ahead. Curated by eMarketer, this collection of articles, insights, and interviews will help you understand the mobile landscape today across key areas such as in-app advertising, video, SMS, gaming, and more.

Over the past year, digital technologies accelerated and reshaped how we work and socialize. Curated by eMarketer, this special collection of interviews will help you explore digital’s acceleration and the changes it has brought in this new era.

The retail experience emerging in 2021 suggests that companies need to be able to adjust to rapidly changing conditions—technology and taking chances will be key to that flexibility. Curated by eMarketer, this special collection of interviews will help you understand how brands are focusing on innovation and digital integration as they modify their marketing strategies for the “new normal.”

The coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing recession have constrained ad spending growth for nearly every industry—and retail is no exception. Curated by eMarketer, this collection of insights and interviews will help you understand how retail marketers are facing the challenges in this industry today. Download this complimentary Roundup “Industry Insights: Retailers Speak Out.”

From the onset of the pandemic, US consumers have shifted to ecommerce for essential goods and personal care products, which is keeping consumer packaged goods (CPG) digital ad spending afloat. Curated by eMarketer, this collection of insights and interviews will help you understand how CPG marketers are facing the challenges in this industry today. Download this complimentary Roundup “Industry Insights: CPGs Speak Out.”

In this eMarketer Quiz, you’ll test your knowledge of the event marketing space. As a reward, you will receive a complimentary eMarketer Roundup “Event Marketing Trends,” a collection of data, insights, and perspectives from your industry peers.

This Snapshot includes infographics illustrating our proprietary forecast on the US retail market’s online and offline sales, as well as where and what shoppers are buying and ad spend trends.

Historically, B2B marketers have focused on converting new customers. But the B2B marketing landscape is maturing, and these marketers are learning from their B2C peers that it's less expensive to keep an existing customer rather than bring in a new one. To do this, marketing teams must align with the sales and accounts teams and take a more holistic approach to the customer journey—together. It's happening in a variety of ways, from engaging in content marketing campaigns and playing in marketplaces like Alibaba and Amazon Business, to leveraging data more effectively and championing the cross-functional CMO.

Industry Insights: CES. In January, more than 175,000 tech enthusiasts gathered at CES 2020 in Las Vegas for a preview of the world’s most exciting new products. eMarketer spoke with speakers at this year’s event about their takeaways and predictions for 2020.

Advertiser investment in connected TV (CTV) is ramping up quickly as more inventory becomes available, with YouTube, Hulu and Roku dominating the landscape. We estimate CTV ad spending in the US will reach $10.81 billion by 2021, up from close to $7 billion in 2019. But still, challenges remain, including fragmented inventory, ad fraud and frequency capping.

Americans are poised to spend $590.67 billion in retail ecommerce in 2019, with a year-over-year growth rate of 12.8%. "To keep growing at double-digit rates, future channel growth will increasingly rely on continued strong gains in the spending rate per buyer," said Andrew Lipsman, eMarketer principal analyst. eMarketer has curated this Roundup of articles, insights and interviews to help you understand the latest trends in the retail industry.

Digital video is growing. In fact, it’s rare to come across an area of digital video that isn’t seeing increased investment. Ad spending in digital video is no exception, and we anticipate it to grow 20.8% to more than $36 billion this year in the US. It’s happening in OTT and connected TV, as well as across mobile devices, programmatic exchanges, and social media platforms.

Marketers believe they have a mandate to personalize customer experiences across channels. That’s because most believe consumers have signaled their interest in receiving more-tailored communications through their behaviors and actions. And in many cases, personalization seems to be the logical next step in achieving the greatest return on marketing investments in a digital, measurable world.

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands have historically relied on performance-based digital advertising strategies. Many leverage Facebook and Instagram to target audiences and direct response podcast ads to drive conversions, even throwing unconventional content marketing into the mix.

People routinely refer to the digital era as one of rapid change. But it’s more accurate to say the pace is uneven. This Roundup includes data, insights and interviews on the latest trends impacting digital ad spending and key happenings across marketing channels.

For the first time ever, US consumers will spend more time using their mobile devices than watching TV, with smartphone use dominating that time spent. Consumers’ use of smartphones will continue to make up the majority of their media consumption, but we predict that use will plateau by 2020 as consumers become increasingly uneasy about overuse of mobile devices.