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Issuers have bristled at the rule and will look at new tactics to compensate for lost revenues

The company wants to reinvigorate growth through its SMB offering as it deals with intense digital wallet competition

Its bank relationships sets Zelle apart from other P2P apps and helps it capture more small-business volume

In this podcast episode, host Rob Rubin, alongside our analysts Lauren Ashcraft and Maria Elm, unveil the findings of EMARKETER’s latest mobile banking app benchmark report. They delve into the frontier of banking technology, spotlighting the breakthrough features that are shaping the industry this year. The discussion pinpoints the five key features that consumers consider indispensable and unpacks the potential game changers that may take center stage in the future of mobile banking. The episode also introduces a new segment titled "Who Ranked Best," where the team provides a detailed ranking of the top 10 banks, with an in-depth analysis of what sets the top five apart. This engaging conversation is packed with vital information for both consumers and industry professionals looking to stay ahead in the dynamic world of mobile banking. Tune in to explore: - The cutting-edge features that are redefining user experience in mobile banking apps - Consumer favorites: The top five features you should look for in your mobile banking app - The future of mobile banking: Innovations that are on the horizon - Exclusive rankings: Find out which banks are leading the mobile banking sector in "Who Ranked Best" - Expert commentary from Rob Rubin, Maria Elm, and Lauren Ashcraft, providing in-depth analysis of the report's results.

Despite hefty fees, fines, and loan-loss provisions, some key revenue drivers really came through for most big Canadian banks.

The reported sale is likely in response to growing POS competition as mPOS and softPOS gain traction

Net revenues decreased 42% YoY during the quarter due to new terms from the company’s largest contract