Financial Services

Whether you visit a branch or digital property, TD Bank is reevaluating traditional banking’s communication methods. Watch Industry Voices: Spotlight on Financial Services with TD Bank’s Lee Lai, senior vice president and head of customer and retail distribution marketing, to hear why maintaining local human interactions across channels is a top priority.

TradingView raised $298M as new investors flocked to its platform which combines trading tools with a social network. Adding social media components is key to keeping retail investors engaged.

Fiserv’s lending product gives banks complete control over the lending process: With a fintech, the banking technology company is rolling out a digital offering that could help banks cultivate loyalty among small to medium-sized business (SMB) borrowers.

Nubank’s first H1 profit in Brazil vindicates its growth strategy: The neobanking giant reached first-half profitability at home—and its payment volume and loan book surged. Overseas expansion and a new paid account could continue this momentum.

Atom Bank climbs to £1B SMB-lending mark: The UK neobank’s success at hitting milestones, including a first-ever monthly operating profit, demonstrates it’s a formidable player in the SMB neobanking market.

Slowing global retail volume will push digital brokers to seek new ways to attract new users and keep the ones they’ve got.

Erica shines in BofA’s Q3 digital stats: The bank’s AI-powered assistant posted quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) growth that outpaced performance in other important digital metrics. With more product integrations, it could help with customer retention.

Dimon’s remarks should worry BNPL companies: To compete with the installment-payment providers, JPMorgan Chase is willing to spend whatever it needs to. The bank’s heft and varied playbook for different spaces make it a force to be reckoned with.

Now that nine in 10 US consumers use fintech tools, heightened competition will push fintechs to offer tailored products to specific segments to stand out.

N26 nears $800M in funding—right behind peers hitting their own milestones: The German neobank’s planned funding includes an $8B valuation—another sign of the mounting 2021 trend of big challengers landing big rounds.

TD Bank, Lance add to US SMBs’ collections options: New features from a big incumbent and a niche neobank are meant to make it easier to get paid—pointing to a more dynamic SMB-banking landscape, more like the UK’s.

Green Dot’s Temenos cloud deal could enhance consumer ties: Features the partnership enables in Green Dot’s direct bank and its banking as a service (BaaS) business could strengthen its bonds with low- to-moderate-income consumers.

New-age primary care startups are catering to today’s consumer—who wants their entire healthcare experience to be hyper-convenient and personalized—and to burned-out physicians facing unprecedented levels of pressure from the pandemic.