Consumer Electronics

EVs could become a lifeline in emergencies: EVs doubling as home backup power could alleviate their strain on electric grids and entice customers, but only if EV prices don’t skyrocket.

A stuck pig has feelings only AI understands: AI is being deployed to decipher animal sounds, potentially improving humane treatment in what could be the pet industry’s next lucrative frontier.

Honda and Sony join forces to design, build, and sell EVs: The alliance foreshadows a blurring of the lines between automakers and tech companies that will reshape personal transportation.

AV robotaxi rides now available for a fee in San Francisco: Waymo will begin charging riders for AV ride-hailing as robotaxi competition heats up, but the road ahead isn’t clear.

EVs don’t ignite more than other vehicles, study shows: While gas-powered vehicles catch fire more than EVs, lithium-ion batteries pose different dangers that warrant tailored safety protocols.

Big Tech companies partner with Retrievr on e-waste recycling pilot: Tech giants are funding electronics recycling in Denver, but the program lacks a solid economic foundation for systemic change.

As rare earths get rarer, Redwood Materials plans battery recycling for Fords and Volvos: Redwood Materials’ software-driven EV battery recycling could be the missing ingredient for the coming EV market boom.

At-home charging will skyrocket EV spending, burden infrastructure: More EVs charging in homes signals a rocky road that wireless highway charging technology and infrastructure planning could curtail.

Labor exploitation for EV battery mining is a problem that tech can help fix: Advances in AI and 3D modeling could reduce labor-intensive mining, but battery recycling might stem the problem.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 featured a reimagined world of commerce and marketing: The products displayed in Las Vegas last week revealed new ways for marketers to blend the physical and virtual worlds.

New products and technologies announced at CES 2022: We break down outstanding trends and the most compelling Connectivity and Tech announcements from the show floor.

Best Buy hops on retail ad network bandwagon: The electronics company is the latest of many to leverage its valuable consumer purchase data to form its own media company.

Shortening of CES points to lower preference for virtual shows: With 150-plus exhibitors choosing digital presentations in wake of the latest COVID-19 wave, CES will close a day early.

Health and beauty items are the most-purchased products via smart speaker, with 8.9 million US internet users ordering these products on their smart speakers between August 2019 and August 2021.

Google’s paid search ads have gotten pricier in the US, with costs per click (CPCs) rising across retail product categories in Q3 2021.

It’s our second episode of Brand Anatomy, where we get exclusive looks inside leading brands! Today, eMarketer Briefing director Jeremy Goldman sits down with Panasonic's Brian Rowley, vice president of marketing, to discuss how the company—a longtime leader in consumer electronics—leveraged podcasting to reposition itself as a B2B and enterprise powerhouse.

Among US retail categories, apparel and accessories has the biggest social media footprint, accounting for 53.3% of all posts and reactions to content, like comments and shares, across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in July 2021.

The UK’s digital advertising industry weathered the pandemic remarkably well. Among the industry sectors we track, digital ad spending will rise across the board (which was not universal last year), but these patterns of growth will fluctuate wildly across categories.

On today's episode, we discuss how the pandemic changed how we buy electronics and how omnichannel marketing and operations are evolving. We then talk about whether YouTube is living up to its potential, ESPN+'s sports rights strategy, and whether DAZN can shake up sports TV. Tune in to the discussion with head of ecommerce at Samsung Electronics Argentina Guido Shama, eMarketer senior analyst Matteo Ceurvels, and director of forecasting at Insider Intelligence Oscar Orozco.

The computing products and consumer electronics industry saw increased revenues in 2020, and that bump will accelerate digital ad spending for years to come.