Bipartisan bill strikes at Google’s ad dominance: The bill would ban companies that hit a revenue threshold from operating digital advertising exchanges.

Amazon workers in Staten Island vote against unionizing: The labor movement isn’t over yet, but the defeat could stall momentum in Big Tech as companies redouble efforts to bust unions.

Chinese government looks to scale back regulation: Beijing eases controls on Big Tech companies, leading to a stock rally and optimism that short-term recovery can offset losses from factory closures.

Is AI becoming Big Brother? Human presence and emotional-state detection technologies are raising civil rights alarms bells. Although they could have merits for productivity, they’re also invasive and error-prone.

Apple delivers on its self-repair promise, sort of: An online service will allow you to order parts and tools to fix your iPhone 12, 13, and SE 3. Will other device-makers follow suit?

EU looks to make online platforms safer with sweeping law: Digital Services Act will ban ads to kids and allow regulators to levy big fines against Big Tech violators.

Big Tech squares off against unions: Momentum is on the side of workers seeking higher wages and transparency. How companies address brewing labor movements could be a red flag for regulators.

‘Green’ energy targets Greenland: Billionaire-backed KoBold Metals begins mining operations in Greenland to secure minerals for EV batteries. But the advent of new battery technologies might make the venture unnecessary.

Didi moves to delist from NYSE as it awaits verdict on penalties: Once considered China’s most successful startup, the ride-hailing company’s fate could lead to investors shifting away from Chinese tech stocks.

TSMC’s founder says US chip efforts are doomed: Former CEO Morris Chang cites lower overseas labor costs and high manufacturing costs but fails to mention savings on importation and transportation.

Big Tech faces big labor challenge: A labor reckoning is at hand as tech workers accelerate unionization efforts, demanding accountability, representation, and corporate transparency from an industry that’s largely avoided unions.

The 100,000-year plan: As Finland takes bold action toward energy independence with new nuclear reactors and an unfathomable waste-storage strategy, Russia’s energy tendrils are proving hard to untangle.

“We only detain IT specialists”: As Russia’s tech workforce rapidly flees to other countries where their skills are also in demand, the Kremlin’s belligerent response will only intensify the retreat.

Flood of solutions for drought-stricken US West: Tech is finding greener ways to save hydroelectric power and secure water supplies that circumvent burning fossil fuels or damaging the environment.

California law challenges bias in AI hiring tools: Proposed amendments could make AI decision-making tools illegal for screening protected-class applicants—but would also slow down hiring processes on a monumental scale.

Amazon faces investigation into use of third-party seller data: As the SEC looks into Amazon business practices, Congress asks the DOJ to investigate the company for obstruction, which could heighten regulatory pressure on Big Tech.

Google’s ad business is still under fire in Europe: The company lost an appeal of a fine from a French watchdog which says the company’s ad business unfairly changed its rules.

EU regulators investigate Microsoft’s cloud for anti-competitive deals: The EC inquiry could lead to a more formal investigation on competing cloud services and increased scrutiny from other regulatory bodies.

Mineral arms race dives deep: The future of clean energy and ocean ecosystems hangs in the balance of the UN’s closed-door decision-making on deep-sea mining. Yet there are greener trajectories.

Broadband funding is key focus of Biden budget: States will have funding sources even Congress challenges the proposal, but broadband infrastructure will likely continue to receive bipartisan support.