Financial Services

Rooting out bias in machine learning models: Arize’s Bias Tracing can benefit healthcare and financial services by mapping systems and flagging instances of bias and their root causes.

Payments volume grew 17% YoY in Q2 despite leaving a major market. Visa is focusing growth ambitions on new tech like open banking.

The No. 1 biggest source of financial stress among US adults last month was managing living expenses, with 27% being most concerned about the cost of necessities like groceries, gas, and utilities. Saving, investing, and planning for the future were the second biggest stressor, cited by 19%, while managing debt was No. 3, with 13% calling it their primary financial worry.

The UK’s FCA found that the banks may have inadequate financial crime defenses.

Spend on the cloud, save in the cloud: Cybersecurity needs to be a priority for Wells Fargo as it moves to the cloud to help achieve its goals and save money.