Financial Services

Zeller’s stats should worry incumbents: The Australia-based SMB neobank said it signed up more than 10,000 customers—and that 80% of them switched from established banks.

It will bring back transfers between the countries through Walmart2Walmart, focusing on low transaction fees.

Europe’s trading app space is crowded, but it’s not full: France-based Shares and UK-based Freetrade each plan rollouts one the continent and might not need a first-mover advantage.

Visa will help expand credit lines and security measures for Tribal Credit’s business cardholders across Latin America.

LendingClub’s strategy isn’t compatible with crypto: CEO Scott Sanborn told Bloomberg that it's avoiding the space to focus on neobanking and mobile banking. It’s not alone.

Lloyds’ retail loyalty deal may help engagement: The UK bank teamed up with and invested in fintech Bink, which connects people’s payment cards to retail loyalty programs.

The CEO of M&T Bank urged US industry watchdogs to hold alternative lenders to the same regulatory standards as traditional banks.

Even JPMorgan needs to assuage crypto fears: The banking giant invested in TRM Labs, which provides anti-money laundering compliance and security services to banks, crypto firms, and law enforcement.

Verizon banks on private 5G for business: The carrier’s service in BlackRock’s offices will showcase an opportunity for 5G to shine while challenging Wi-Fi’s dominance in office, enterprise, and government use.