Executives provided details on how non-Tesla drivers could use the company’s supercharger network to charge EVs. While it may help accelerate EV adoption, the company’s dynamic pricing proposals may end up giving Tesla owners preferential treatment.

Facebook announced it will make new Instagram accounts of users under age 16 private by default. While the move may provide a thin patina of privacy, it falls far short of addressing concerns about social media’s deleterious effects on minors.

CEO Tim Cook told investors to expect the chip shortage to impact Q4 iPhone production. The news bodes ill for Apple and other hardware manufacturers as the iPhone was one of the few major consumer devices untouched by the shortage.

Google revealed new details around how its upcoming safety section will work and expanded its privacy policy requirements to all apps on the Play Store. The search giant is trying to catch up to Apple on app transparency to cater to increasingly privacy-minded consumers.

The Apple Watch in particular saw unprecedented growth and new user adoption, while challengers lag far behind. With competing smartwatches still months out, competitors need to find other ways to challenge Apple’s devices on price, functionality, and cross-platform compatibility.

Lawmakers try to chip away at Section 230: The proposed legislation would remove liability protection for companies that spread health misinformation via algorithms. But the difficulty of defining “misinformation” and determining which content was algorithmically amplified presents challenges to the bill’s adoption.

The chip designer unveiled a new plastic-based microchip prototype. Chips made out of flexible material like plastic, paper, or metal foil could dramatically increase the number of everyday objects capable of internet connectivity.

On today's episode, we discuss five new bills that aim to limit Big Tech, whether short-form audio is next, Google's fine over its treatment of news publishers, why we buy what we buy, what to make of Disney+ subscriber growth hitting the brakes, how the world gets its caffeine, and more. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer senior analysts Sara M. Watson and Jasmine Enberg and analyst at Insider Intelligence Blake Droesch.

Amazon announced most of its Echo devices will support the cross-platform smart home standard— an essential endorsement for Matter’s success given Amazon’s outsize role in the smart speaker market.

Tesla may open up its EV supercharger network: The move would mark a stark departure from Tesla’s focus on charging exclusivity, and could help drive up EV adoption.

Facebook’s CEO believes its hefty investment in AR and VR could make it a powerful player in the next stage of the internet. The proclamation comes amid rampant regulatory scrutiny and slowing user growth among Facebook’s core products.

A new survey shows the vast majority of tech workers think it’s important that their employers let them work remotely indefinitely. The findings further complicate Big Tech’s efforts to return to the office amid simmering employee backlash and a quickly spreading COVID-19 variant.