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Amid evolving AR landscape, Snap's enterprise unit shuts down: The decision highlights Snapchat's need to prioritize innovation while managing finances.

On today's podcast episode, in our "Retail Me This, Retail Me That" segment, we discuss what’s important in a good omnichannel experience, where in-store retail media is headed, and how stores can tailor experiential and experimental tech to build a more robust customer profile. Then, for "Pop-Up Rankings," we rank two retailers that are doing store digitization well and two that could possibly use a bit of work. Join our analyst Sara Lebow as she hosts analysts Arielle Feger and Zak Stambor.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss how affiliate is helping marketers take back control of their ad spend. "In Other News," we talk about Amazon unveiling a smarter, more conversational, Alexa and TikTok Shop hitting the US. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Max Willens and Alexandra Forsch, president of Awin Americas.

Inside “Books3,” the pirated book database used to train AI: A story in The Atlantic reveals that Meta, Google, and others fueled AI with a vast library of stolen work.

Can AI globalize podcasts? Spotify collaborates with OpenAI to offer voice translation for podcasts, which could enable cross-language content creation and expand ad revenue and reach.

We project US in-store retail media ad spend will nearly quadruple by 2027, but that’s starting from a fairly small base of $240 million this year, according to our forecast. Here are tips from experts on building an in-store retail media network.

Authors sue OpenAI in one of the tech’s biggest legal challenges: Even if courts rule against OpenAI, it may not be possible to unlearn training material.

ChatGPT sees revived usage as students return to school, even as competition intensifies; still, OpenAI must innovate and forge partnerships to sustain its lead.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss the speed of AI adoption, what to make of ChatGPT's engagement lull, and how Nvidia is shaping AI's future. "In Other News," we talk about how Roblox's AI assistant could transform gaming and how Amazon is using its neural network to improve the NFL's game-watching experience. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Jacob Bourne and Gadjo Sevilla.

OpenAI unveils DALL-E 3: The upgraded text-to-image AI tool could be a boon for marketing and other industries. It also illustrates the generative AI sector’s challenges.

C chipmakers are infusing AI capabilities in new chips. The move heralds a new era—“Siliconomy”—of blending silicon and software to make AI more accessible.

Key stat: 43% of US adults say discounts are the main reason they sign up for subscription services, per May data from SurveyMonkey.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss what "Dr. ChatGPT" is most likely to help with, how close it is to replacing your physician, and why it might not be ready for the patient exam room just yet. "In Other News," we talk about the US government's efforts to bring down prescription drug costs and the prevalence of health-related misinformation on social media. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Rajiv Leventhal and Lisa Phillips.

On today’s podcast episode, we discuss how finserv digital marketers are incorporating credit marketing, even in top- and mid-funnel campaigns. • In our “Headlines” segment, we chat about the role of marketing as a revenue generator in banking—specifically, an article we published in August with results from an American Banker Association survey that stated 72% of marketing execs don't believe revenue generation is a part of marketing’s role. • In “Story by Numbers,” we examine the results of digital campaigns that revolve around credit marketing and the ROI in creating a unified, full-funnel marketing strategy. • In “Pretend CMO,” our guests have to thread together a multifaceted digital-only marketing campaign and discuss how it attributes ROI to the campaign's different digital channels. Tune in to the discussion with host Rob Rubin, our analyst Tiffani Montez, and Aundra Thompson, director of product strategy and strategic planning for marketing solutions at TransUnion.

Klaviyo's IPO shines a spotlight on email marketing's vast reach: AI and personalization emerge as key strategies for brand engagement.

Google is bringing Bard AI to its suite of apps. The potential for adoption is huge and could minimize reliance on rival services like ChatGPT.

The EU’s lead regulators are clamping down on Big Tech’s GDPR violations with substantial fines that could lead to more scrutiny and bans.

What does artificial intelligence taste like? Coca-Cola launched a new soda conceived and designed by AI as the company goes deeper into exploring the tech.