Marketing Technology

Roku opens access to its first-party data: Inventory is now available on several demand-side platforms as the industry begins to migrate away from walled gardens.

Oracle shuts down ad business after revenue drops from $2 billion to $300 million in two years, driven by intensifying privacy laws and the industry’s shift to walled gardens.

GenAI features for premium subscriptions aim to enhance job searches and improve marketing. The updates could make LinkedIn more competitive, provided it can address AI’s bias issue.

Collective TV integrates CTV and retail media: Albertsons' new platform offers advanced ad solutions, driving digital video ad growth through shoppable content.

Retail media ROI tracking and measurement remains a problem: With NEON, Night Market thinks it has the solution.

Games offer publishers a valuable trove of first-party data: Media groups are rolling out daily games offerings that are often loaded with ad trackers.

Adobe reassures customers it won’t use their work to train AI after backlash over updated Creative Cloud terms of service. Unclear genAI features continue to frustrate customers.

LinkedIn feels the pressure of European regulation: The social media platform limited some of its controversial targeting abilities to avoid a costly investigation.

Personalization makes Spotify a sticky service: The music streaming service is leaning into its strengths with a brand campaign that will debut new in-app features.

The bank used an AI solution to build and test a national campaign with personas. But the marketing team conducted its own research, too.

A new feature that records all PC activities faces harsh criticism. Microsoft reversed course to make it an opt-in feature, but security experts say it’s still a potential problem.

Airlines have a lucrative advertising opportunity: United Airlines is capitalizing on its robust user location data to introduce ads in-flight and in its app.

The developer show comes amid pressure to deliver a cohesive AI strategy as Nvidia surpasses Apple’s market value. Balancing AI adoption with privacy will be a hurdle.

​​Slack Lists will integrate project management and messaging. Slack’s popularity can help address inefficiencies in project completion and improve productivity.

SAP seeks to buy WalkMe for $1.5 billion to enhance enterprise automation, reduce churn, and provide valuable user insights for CMOs.

61% of US adults value loyalty programs that are tailored to their shopping preferences, according to a March 2024 Bizrate Insights survey.

Businesses are enjoying the benefits of genAI in professional services, marketing, and sales but face risks like inaccuracy and data privacy. Stronger AI security is needed.

Meta revamps Facebook to compete with TikTok: AI-driven content and video focus attract 40 million daily young users, the highest in three years.

To be effective communicators, marketers must convey data in easy-to-digest ways. Whether they’re advocating for more resources, delivering a performance report, or influencing strategic decisions, marketers should integrate data at every step, presented in a cohesive way. Here are six steps to tell data stories effectively.