Marketing Technology

AI selects 70% of what Hungryroot’s customers buy: The technology was key to the online grocery and meal delivery company’s 50% growth last year.

On today's episode, we discuss how this year's Amazon Prime Day will be different, how competitors can maximize the sales holiday's impact, and an uncanny link between Prime Day and the end-of-year holiday season. "In Other News," we talk about the significance of NBCUniversal and Walmart Connect bringing targeted ads to live sports and Amazon's AI initiatives. Tune in to the discussion with our vice president and analyst Andrew Lipsman.

Criteo’s GDPR fine looks a lot like the FTC vs. Kochava: The French ad tech firm was fined for failure to comply with the controversial General Data Protection Regulation.

Unified ID 2.0’s rising popularity: Warner Bros. Discovery and Walmart Connect have adopted UID2, heralding a shift in advertising toward privacy-conscious personalization.

Omnicom will integrate Google’s generative AI into its ad tech stack: With Omnicom and WPP backing generative AI, the rest of the industry will be swift to follow.

Uber's in-app video ads rollout: Play to rake in retail media ad revenues could leave users and privacy advocates concerned.

It wants to lean on AI to attract users, while new environmental-focused features should strengthen its brand with younger shoppers.

Mass protest on Reddit: Over 8,000 subreddits go private due to API changes as platform's financial aims clash with community interests.

Accenture is investing $3 billion in AI in the next three years. The biggest challenge will be balancing automation with the human component of business operations.

The CRM solutions giant is unveiling security standards and AI integration for recurring revenue. The success of the pivot remains uncertain due to previous integration challenges.

As privacy regulations ramp up, brands across verticals are increasing their focus on premium environments that don’t rely on cookies. In this video, Arity’s Jennifer Gold, director of product marketing, shares why private marketplaces (PMPs) fit the bill by offering access to high quality inventory, programmatic efficiency, brand safety, and transparency.

Cohort-based solutions use anonymized groups of consumers to create targeted ads and messaging, while universal IDs create a privacy-compliant way for advertisers to keep track of consumer behavior across the internet. Looking for privacy-compliant uses for first-party data? Marketers can turn to the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s seller-defined audiences or experiment with data clean rooms.

Nvidia and WPPs groundbreaking AI partnership will mean fewer jobs: The impressive tech will give advertisers enormous flexibility but by their own admission will result in job cuts.

Another TikTok data controversy: App’s storing of major influencers' sensitive financial data on Chinese servers contradicts CEO's previous claims.

Disney says AI could make QR-code shoppable marketing obsolete: At a TV advertising event, Disney and YouTube shared how AI has already changed their strategies.

ChatGPT may have all of the buzz when it comes to AI platforms, but marketing technology and platforms are quickly catching up by adding a host of AI features to their systems. For starters, Adobe unveiled “Generative Fill” in Photoshop last week, a feature that uses AI to extend the canvas of your design, fill in backgrounds, and more. Meanwhile, Acquia unveiled a chatbot within its digital asset management platform.

The 15 biggest US ecommerce players aren’t a surprise (here’s looking at you, Amazon, Walmart, and Apple). User-friendly mobile apps, quick delivery, innovation, and converting sales are what turn retailers into ecommerce powerhouses. Here are the companies our analysts believe best exemplify those features within the 15 largest ecommerce players.

The LGBTQ+ bank’s demise highlights the risks of challengers stunting their growth by targeting a too-narrow demographic.

Citing constitutional violations and hindrance to user-generated content dissemination, any outcome may affect tech regulation across states and digital ecosystems.

Streaming shake up: Paramount+ integrates with Showtime, while HBO Max drops ‘HBO’ and transforms into Max, introducing Discovery+ programming.