Marketing Technology

Cloud can’t take the heat: The UK’s heat wave causes Google and Oracle cloud data centers to shut down. Data infrastructure needs better cooling technologies to adapt to climate change.

Google Play goes hands-off on privacy disclosures: The storefront's new permissions policy could make it harder for marketers to verify data standards

AI startups target corporate fear: Mounting recession anxiety is infusing accounting AI startups with cash. Long-term investor interest in AI applications will remain diverse, but startups may have to pivot.

3D-print your inner superhero: A Hasbro-Formlabs partnership delivers personalized 3D printed action figures. It could be a sign of a manufacturing revolution yielding an array of customizable consumer goods.

40% of Gen Z likes to search on TikTok instead of Google: Those numbers come from Google itself, which is eager to deflect monopoly accusations.

Prime Day swoops in to fill the personal data vacuum: The two-day sales event is a chance for Amazon to eat up more of the digital ad market.

As customer loyalty grows more elusive, retailers beef up member rewards: Walmart, Starbucks, and Sweetgreen are just some of the companies looking to sweeten the deal to keep customers coming back.

Consumers want personalization, but not at the cost of privacy: That leaves brands navigating sweeping changes to digital ads in a tough position.

Seventy-three percent of respondents expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations, and 62% think companies should anticipate their needs, according to a May 2022 Salesforce report.

Learn how first- and third-party data segmentation can improve a brand’s strategy, targeting, and personalization efforts. In this video, Jonathan Drost, senior manager, consulting services at Neustar, a TransUnion company, shares how consistency, precision, and measurement can help marketers deploy the right message, on the right channel, and at the right time to engage with target consumers.

Clean rooms are becoming critical to the fortunes of Big Media: Snowflake’s new solution with OpenAP demonstrates the importance of first-party data.

5G gains momentum through new applications: Consumer 5G adoption may have slowed down, but new markets for private 5G, additional functionality, and new applications are helping spread the bandwidth across industries.

Google feels pressure from the EU’s antitrust streak: The company promised to negotiate to pay publishers who appear in search results after a hefty fine.

Big Tech is showing cracks under antitrust pressure: An EU probe has pressured Google into loosening restrictions on YouTube ad placement.

Cloud rookies get burned: New reports show cloud data breaches are getting worse. By integrating security measures during instead of after cloud migrations, companies can bolster data safeguards.

A bipartisan data crackdown is coming: A new bill restricts use of personal data, but leaves exceptions for anonymized data.

Employer branding is key to attracting top talent: The labor market is still tight a year into the Great Resignation.

Big Tech has a role to play in abortion legislation: Tech firms have taken pro-choice stances, but state laws could complicate their position.

Seeing is believing: Our quick explainer video gives you insight into what the metaverse is all about.

An underdog’s cloud effort: Google gives expanding its cloud market share another try with its AlloyDB database service that’s priced to sell. Its other cloud products could reap benefits too.